Pixel 4a Production To Take Place This Spring At Vietnamese Factory


Google has plans to move its production of the Pixel 4a and the Pixel 5 to factories in Vietnam. According to a new report.

The report states that the production of both devices is being moved out of China due to concerns over the coronavirus. Which shouldn't be much of a shock as Google is only doing what it feels would be best for its employees.

Ever since the outbreak scores of companies have also pulled out of various conventions, such as Mobile World Congress (which was eventually cancelled), for the same reasons as Google is now reportedly moving production facilities.


While this may not be a surprise, what seems to have slipped under the radar until now is when Google had planned to start production on the Pixel 4a.

Pixel 4a production will likely start in April

The report notes that production of Google's new low-cost phone will start in April. With Google I/O happening in May, this makes sense.

Google is expected to officially announce the new phone at this event. And possibly launch the phone not long after. To do that, it would need the first batch of phones to be ready. Starting production the month before the event where the announcement takes place would certainly fit within this timeline of reveal then release.


If Google does announce the Pixel 4a at Google I/O this year, it's still unknown how long customers will have to wait before they can order one. Usually Google lets you place pre-orders right away, with phones beginning to ship some weeks after.

The Pixel 5 production will reportedly take place at the same factory, and happen later in the year.

Google will potentially start Pixel 5 production in the second half of 2020

In addition to starting the manufacturing process of the Pixel 4a in just a little over a month, production on the Pixel 5 is said to be happening sometime around the second half of the year.


Exactly when isn't mentioned, but the second half of the year starts around June. This seems a little early for production to start on a phone that is expected to be announced in October though.

More than likely production would start around August or September. Closer to when the phone would likely be revealed.

Not a lot is known about the Pixel 5, or really the Pixel 4a for that matter. Save for various leaks about possible specs and concept renders.