NVIDIA GeForce NOW Exits Beta With Free & Paid Memberships

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Up until today NVIDIA GeForce NOW has been available in a closed beta access only. Meaning you would have needed an invite to use it.

However, it was free during this trial period of testing. As of today, NVIDIA GeForce NOW is exiting the beta and will be available to everyone. Complete with two different membership tiers that include a free option, and a Founders option.

The Founders option will come with a monthly fee attached to it but it will come with more benefits. So there's definitely an incentive to go for this membership plan over the Free plan.


The NVIDIA GeForce NOW beta transitions to $5 monthly plan

Though players will have the chance to test GeForce NOW for free, it comes with a significantly different experience from the paid membership.

The Founders plan will be $5 a month but players will get exceedingly more play time – 6-hour sessions compared to the 1-hour sessions for the free plan. If that isn't enough to sway you, the Founders plan also comes with priority access.

This means anyone who pays for the $5 a month plan will have priority for connecting to the servers over those who don't pay. While this might not affect users too much, there are likely to be times where servers are full. And at those times Founders will have priority for connecting and playing games.

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Founders plans come with RTX ON and a 90-day trial

The big thing with the Founders plans is the capability to support ray tracing. If you're subscribing to a Founders plan, games you play through GeForce NOW will have RTX ON if the game supports ray tracing.

the free tier plan will not have this option. So your best experience for playing games is going to be with the $5 monthly sub when it comes to overall graphical fidelity. NVIDIA is hooking uses up too. As the Founders plan comes with a 90-day free trial.

So, you can play games through GeForce NOW as a founder for the first three months before paying anything for the sub. This isn't too unlike what Google has done with Stadia.


It offered users who purchased the Founders bundle or Premiere bundle a 90-day trial of Stadia Pro. Afterwards it's $9.99 a month. Though the two services are fairly different in how they offer games to users, NVIDIA still has the upper hand on cost.

There's virtually no buy-in when it comes to equipment. You don't need to buy into a $130 package to get access or wait for a friend's buddy pass. You can simply pay the $5 a month and jump right in. With existing equipment.

You can even play a large variety of different Android phones. Whereas Stadia still only supports Pixel phones right now. GeForce NOW is available for access and installation on PC, Mac, SHIELD, and Android mobile devices as of today.