Nubia Chief Takes To Social Media To Tout 80W Charging Smartphone

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Nubia chief executive and co-founder Ni Fei reportedly recently took to social media to share a photo of a mystery device that utilizes 80W fast charging technology. The image was initially shared via the Chinese social media site Weibo.

Other specifics of the device have been kept well under wraps. However, the image showcases the handset that's in the process of being charged. That's fueling up with a voltage of 8.4V and a 9.6A current.

The overall design of the device in question isn't immediately apparent either. Aside from super slim bezels to either side, the snapshot focuses on a close-up of its display to show the charging rate. That is shown clearly while the body and frame of the handset are not.


80W charging could be good news for the next Red Magic handset

The current speculation surrounding the newly surfaced image is that it will relevant to an upcoming Red Magic-branded handset from Nubia. Tentatively the Red Magic 5G, that gadget is, as its name implies, expected to be a 5G handset. It's also expected to gain that capability due to its use of a Snapdragon 865 SoC, coupled with Qualcomm's X55 platform.

Details about that handset are presently as slim as those about the device shown in the new image. But other official leaks have confirmed that it will maintain its gaming smartphone lineage. The best example of that is the company's decision to bump the screen up to a refresh rate of 144Hz.

The next-gen Nubia flagship is expected to launch in the very near future. So the timing of the leak seems to indicate that it will be the handset shown in the images. But unlike the prior leak, Nubia has not confirmed just yet that it will be its first device with 80W fast charging. If not, it's most likely that the company will stick to its present 55W charging solution.


Not quite a 100W recharge but it may not matter if Nubia makes it first

Nubia isn't the first manufacturer to put forward a charging solution that rises above and beyond current standards. Among the top solutions that have already been presented is one from Xiaomi. That actually puts the charging rate at 100W, utilizing two separate battery cells that charge independently in tandem. The impressive feat puts the charging time for a 4000mAh battery at just 17 minutes.

Now, Xiaomi hasn't actually utilized its 100W solution either. And it may be some time before the company does since that maxes out what the current charging cables and USB protocols can handle.

That's where Nubia may have an advantage here. While 80W charging from Nubia wouldn't necessarily be as impressive as 100W solutions, it is a significant step up over current solutions. Additionally, it may be more feasible since it isn't bumping up against PD USB charging's upper limits.


80W charging would also be advantageous in other ways. If it is included in a 5G Red Magic handset, it will offset the downtime of the next-gen device. Namely, that's the power required for 5G networking and the 144Hz display panel, setting aside the gaming phone performance expected from the flagship. In turn, that could easily help it find a place among the top smartphones in the gaming category.

Nubia 80W charging leaked image
Nubia 80W charging