New Samsung Odyssey VR Headset Leaks Show A Weird Bug-Like Design


Back at the end of January a series of leaks popped up showing what could be the upcoming design of a new Samsung Odyssey VR headset, and now a new set of leaks has surfaced showing a completely different look.

The new design appears to be a render and shows the headset with a strange bug-like design. Complete with a piece of plastic that splits down the middle of the front plate that makes it look a set of eyes.

The look would be a pretty big departure from the designs of Samsung's past headsets. Which look more like the leaked design that showed up in January.


These Samsung Odyssey VR leaks are just that – leaks

One thing to keep in mind here is that these are still just leaks. The design could very well be something that Samsung is working on or experimented with. However it may also never see production.

The design is also very out of the ordinary and nothing like what we've seen on production headsets that have actually made it to market. Is this a design that consumers would pay for? Or would the headset fail to sell?

This could simply be a design that Samsung had mocked up so as to lock it down. It's reported that the leaked images were found along with a patent for the new design. Though no information could be found that shows the leaked images are tied to a patented design that the company was working on.


There are some similarities however between the bug-like design and the previously leaked headset from last month.

The headset may come with integrated speakers and an adjustable head strap

It's hard to make out from the image since the whole headset isn't entirely visible. But, it looks like it comes with integrated speakers.

This would match up with the leak from last month as those are clearly in view. The new headset design is also said to come with a fully adjustable head strap. Which is something that Samsung offered on the previous Odyssey headset.


The inside frame that you can see from the rear shot of the new design also matches up with the frame in last month's patent drawings. So there is a reason to believe that these new designs are at the last a potential style that Samsung has toyed with.

That of course doesn't mean that Samsung will choose to go with something like this design for a production model. The headset is speculated to release sometime this year. But with Samsung's first Unpacked out of the way, chances are it would likely show up in the Fall. Which is when what the actual design looks like would pop up.

In either case, take this new leaked design with a big grain of salt for now. At least until more details begin to surface.