Netmarble Will Reveal A New Mobile MARVEL Game At PAX East 2020


Netmarble is going to be at PAX East 2020 this year, and it's holding a special panel with MARVEL Games to reveal a brand-new mobile game.

The two will be teaming up to unveil what they've been working on in a panel called the Marvel Mystery Panel. There isn't much known about the game just yet but there are a couple of details that Netmarble has shared prior to the convention.

The title of the game is not one of those things. That will obviously be revealed at the panel. There is at least some idea of what the game's story will focus on though.


The Netmarble – Marvel game at PAX centers around the arrival of a "chaotic tomorrow"

While it isn't entirely clear what the new game will focus on in terms of story there is a shred of information about it.

According to Netmarble the game will center on the arrival of a chaotic tomorrow. Netmarble also says that the game will have players "swept up in a revolution," which sounds like there are some big changes that players will confront.

The story will also very likely tie into Netmarble's existing mobile offering – MARVEL Future Fight. This game released a little over five years ago and was about preventing the onset of a dangerous new era in the MARVEL universe.


It's not explained how the two game's will connect. But Netmarble specifically references Future Fight. Stating that the chaotic tomorrow players tried to prevent has arrived.

The new game will be innovative

The PAX East 2020 panel will take place on March 1 at 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time at the Albatross Theater. So if you're going to be at PAX East and want to check it out first-hand, that's where you'll need to be.

In terms of gameplay detail or what kind of game this new title will be, Netmarble isn't quite ready to share any of that information either. It does however note that the game will be innovative.


Innovative how is unclear. That could mean that the game type and gameplay will be vastly different from MARVEL Future Fight.

And, if it were that would sort of make sense. Putting out an entirely new game that is exactly like Future Fight seems like it could be a bad move.

As Netmarble could just continue updating the older game with new content and the development would probably be less expensive. In fact it is still updating the game.


The fact that Netmarble refers to this as an innovative new game also suggests that it will be different than many other games available on mobile. Or perhaps it just means in reference to what Netmarble offers.

Either way, if you're into MARVEL mobile games keep an eye out for this one as it could be exciting.