Motorola Says Razr Screen Peeling Is Not A Widespread Issue


A couple of days ago, Input reported that their Motorola Razr unit is having issues with screen peeling. Motorola was quick to issue an official response to that, as it sent a statement to Input.

Motorola says that it has "full confidence" in Motorola Razr's display. It says that it doesn't expect consumers to have issues with Motorola Razr screen peeling as a result of "normal use".

Cold temperature is probably not the reason for Motorola Razr screen peeling

The company also said that the Razr underwent extreme temperature testing as part of its development process. As with any smartphone, though, the company doesn't recommend storing the Razr in temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20C) and above 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60C).


Motorola also said that if consumers experience device failure related to weather during normal use, it will be covered by its standard warranty. That does not include abuse or misuse, of course, Motorola was clear to signify the difference.

Input notes that it assumed that cold weather was to blame for screen peeling, as the screen lamination got separated from the display and the hinge edges. The phone has not been dropped or anything of the sort.

Motorola claims that weather is not the issue, though. So, it's possible that Input got a faulty unit, or something of the sort. Some other sources also expressed concerns when it comes to the Razr's build quality, though.


Brenda Stoylar, from Mashable, said that the display on her unit is crunching every time she folds and unfolds the phone. That unit sat next to an open window while it was charging, while the space heater was nearby during that time as well.

This may not be related or anything of the sort, but there you go. The Galaxy Z Flip is not exactly without issues either. Recently, a consumer shared a picture of the Z Flip on Twitter, showing that the display broke.

He also thinks that cold is to blame. He said he heard the crack after he opened it in the cold, and there you go. Samsung was fast to respond to this issue, and replaced that unit immediately.


All foldable devices have been tested in lab conditions, of course

Companies have been testing their foldable smartphones in lab conditions, that's for sure. So, they should be durable enough. It remains to be seen how well they hold up in real-life, though.

You do need to be more careful with foldable smartphones than with regular ones, that's for sure. The Galaxy Z Flip is the only foldable with a glass display at this point, but even that phone has a plastic layer on top of that display. So, it scratches easily, as do other displays on foldables.

The Motorola Razr and Galaxy Z Flip are now in the market, along with the Galaxy Fold. The Huawei Mate X also got released in China, and was supposed to be announced for global markets at MWC 2020. We'll soon get a better idea as to how durable these phones are.