New Patent Hints At More Feature-Rich, Cameras-focused Moto G Series


Lenovo is looking to dramatically improve the performance of selfie cameras of its Moto G series devices in the near future, based on a newly filed patent filed in China, reported by Tiger Mobiles. The most obvious upgrade from current devices in that series is that there are two cameras in the front panel. Those are laid out in a horizontal configuration with an individual punch-hole housing each.

The camera details aren't relayed in the patent, so it isn't immediately clear how the second sensor would be used. Traditionally, dual-forward cameras have been utilized to provide multiple lenses that better suit a variety of selfie circumstances. For instance, they typically a standard narrow-range camera and a secondary wide-angle lens. Conversely, companies also utilize the second snapper to assist the camera's depth-sensing capabilities in some cases.

Following the cues set by Moto G8?

The device design in Lenovo's new patent isn't entirely unfamiliar and isn't too detailed. But it does follow the cues of previous Moto-branded devices, possibly hinting at the purpose of this device. Since the Moto G8 and its similarly-branded counterparts are still relatively new, this isn't likely directly related to that series. Because the patent is new, it doesn't likely point to another Moto G8 variant.


That doesn't mean this gadget won't ultimately be branded as a Moto G series handset if or when Lenovo chooses to utilize it. To begin with, the design is exceptionally similar to the Moto G8 in terms of its general shape, curves, as well as the placement of the branding and cameras. The latter two placements are the most obvious suggestion of the probable model designation.

Lenovo has placed the cameras on the rear panel in a vertical orientation to the left of the back panel, with the Moto "M" placed near the top in the center. Three snappers are laid out in a separate partition below a primary camera that sits by itself at the top-left-hand side. That would leave the final cut-out, to the right of the primary snapper, for the LED flash.

The tentative Moto G series patent also showcases at least a couple of significant improvements beyond the cameras. For instance, the bezels on this device are significantly reduced compared to the Moto G8. That's particularly true in terms of the edge bezels but the top and bottom bezels are also more unified. In the most recent G series devices from the Moto brand, the lower bezel is slightly more pronounced.


What is Motorola doing in the mobile world this year?

Lenovo-owned Motorola may not launch this particular device within the next year. But it is widely held that the company will be launching new devices at some point within the next month. The announcement was expected to reveal new gadgets at this year's MWC 2020 event in Barcelona.

The event has since been canceled over concerns related to the spread of the coronavirus. So the timeline for any Moto launches may also ultimately be postponed. The company is still expected to launch a flagship Android smartphone for 2020.