Microsoft May Launch The Surface Duo Sooner Than Expected


Microsoft may just get around to launching the Surface Duo a lot sooner than expected. A new report states that the upcoming device could be here well before the Holiday 2020 time frame.

Which is when the phone has been expected to reach online and retail stores up until now.

The Surface Duo is Microsoft's take on a dual-screen phone that can fold like the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, but without using a flexible, folding screen. Instead Microsoft uses a 360-degree hinge that connects the two displays.


This allow the phone to open up to a tablet-like configuration so it can be used for tasks that may need more screen space. Or the phone can be folded back onto itself and it can be used more like a regular smartphone with a bigger screen.

Microsoft might launch the Surface Duo by Summer-time

If you wanted to get your hands on the Surface Duo much earlier than the Holiday months, you just might get your wish.

Instead of waiting till the end of the year, you might be able to buy the phone sometime before or around this Summer. When exactly is still unknown, if Microsoft actually ends up launching the phone early in the first place.


According to the report though the likelihood of that happening is better than a slim chance. Microsoft apparently says the production on the Surface Duo is ahead of schedule, and that it has hopes of releasing the device by the rumored time frame.

The hardware and software are nearly done

Both the hardware and software are said to be nearly done so Microsoft really just needs to put on the finishing touches.

This would include completing its software customizations for Android 10 which is the operating system version that the device will run on. While the device now runs on Android instead of the planned Windows software, it'll still have Microsoft's unique spin on things the way Samsung design its own version of Android.


This will include some neat little features like the one that was leaked earlier this week. It's a sort of peek feature that lets you narrowly open the display just a bit so you can reveal things like notifications, events, and other information on the edge of the screen.

You would even be able to scroll through those notifications by flicking up and down the edge. Eliminating any need to open the screen all the way. Likely for conserving battery life, but the feature also works for privacy reasons.