Marvel Future Fight Update Adds Content Based On 'Secret Empire'


Marvel Future Fight is a long-running action RPG from Netmarble, and it's just recently gotten a new update that adds content based on the Secret Empire comic storyline.

In comics, there's usually a distinguishable difference between good and evil. Of the most iconic characters, it tends to be clear who the heroes and villains are. Captain America, for example, is a well-known hero and the very first Avenger.

Sometimes in comics though there is a break from the general continuity. And that's where Secret Empire comes in. It's a Marvel Comics storyline that envisions what it would be like if Hydra gained control of the US. With characters like Captain America being part of Hydra instead of fighting against them.


The Secret Empire update in Marvel Future Fight brings new uniforms and more

A couple of the upfront changes in this new content patch include uniforms for various characters.

This includes a Hydra Supreme uniform for Captain America, a Hydra Armor uniform for Red Skull, a Superior Octopus uniform for Doctor Octopus, and a Secret Empire uniform for Crossbones.

In addition to the new costumes, there are also new playable characters that feature the Secret Empire theme. This includes Taskmaster, Baron Zemo, and Viper.


All three of those characters also have access to the realized potential feature. Which Netmarble unlocked for all of them as part of the update. If you've used this with other characters, you'll want to test it out on these three new ones too.

Upgrade the Winter Soldier To Tier 3 and Unleash new Ultimate skills

If you're a fan of the Winter Soldier, Netmarble gave him some love as well. Following this update it's now possible to upgrade the Winter Solider to tier 3. Making him even more powerful.

It doesn't stop there though. There are new Ultimate skills for him that you can use to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. Or, use Red Skull and Doctor Octopus instead and use the Awaken Potential feature that was newly unlocked for both of them.


In addition to the new costumes, characters, and abilities that have been unlocked, the update brings along some quality of life improvements for the game. Such as faster matching in multiplayer content modes.

Netmarble added an expansion of matchmaking bandwidth to make this possible. It added a penalty for abandoning matches too. As abandoning matches typically makes the experience worse for other players. So by adding this the company is trying to dissuade users from abandoning them and instead power through.

Marvel Future Fight is a free game available on the Google Play store and the update should be live for everyone.