LG Will Skip MWC 2020 Over Coronavirus Concerns

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LG has made an official announcement mentioning that it has made the decision to skip MWC 2020 due to concerns about the coronavirus.

In a statement from the company to press, it has noted that it wants to avoid unnecessarily exposing its employees to international travel. Which it says most health experts have advised people to do.

Over the past couple of weeks, the coronavirus has continued to spread outside China with cases popping up in other countries. So the obvious concern from LG with the coronavirus is that it could make its way to the convention.


Choosing to skip the convention altogether removes the risk that any of its employees could potentially contract it, thus spreading the virus to more locations.

LG coronavirus concerns lead to separate events

Because LG won’t be at Mobile World Congress this year, it has to have some way to announce its upcoming products.

In its official announcement about skipping the convention, it states the company will hold separate events for its mobile products for 2020.


This means it will have events outside of MWC to showcase the new devices it has lined up for the year and beyond. Something which most people would likely suspect in the case of the company removing itself from the show.

LG doesn’t mention anything about when exactly these events will take place, just that they would be in the near future. This suggests that they will be after MWC 2020, but not likely too far after.

LG was scheduled to announce the V60 ThinQ at the event

One of the devices that LG has planned for this year is thought to be the V60 ThinQ.


Earlier this year it was suspected to be one of the devices that LG would officially announce at the event. Considering it will no longer be there though, it’s highly likely that the public won’t hear anything about this new phone until LG can set something else up.

This of course wouldn’t be the only product the company would have to show off. It notes in the confirmation about skipping MWC that there are products to show off at separate events. The keyword there is products.

LG will also hold more than one event. Probably to have each device or a couple of devices be the focus at their own events. Which would help them get as much attention as possible without cannibalizing the coverage from each other.