Intel, Vivo & MediaTek Are Also Withdrawing From MWC 2020

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Intel, Vivo, and MediaTek have just joined a list of companies that have withdrawn from MWC 2020. The three companies are also pulling out because of the threat that is Coronavirus.

Intel, Vivo & MediaTek are joining a list of companies that are out of MWC 2020

These three companies are joining the likes of Sony, LG, NVIDIA, Amazon, and Ericsson who have announced that they’re withdrawing from MWC 2020 quite recently.

It is worth listing ZTE and TCL on this list as well, but partially. Those two companies have not canceled their presence at MWC, but have scaled back its presence considerably. Both companies have canceled their press conferences, but will still have booths at MWC 2020.

It is possible we’ve missed someone here (a major player), as quite a few companies have withdrawn from MWC 2020 recently. Even Samsung will have a more modest presence than it usually would, but not to this extent.


Samsung did not plan any major press conference at MWC 2020 either way, as the company will announce its Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Buds+ products later today.

The company will, however, still present those products at MWC 2020. Samsung will be present, very much so, at least that’s where the company stands at the moment.

More companies are expected to pull out of MWC

MWC 2020 is still about two weeks away, so we’re expecting to see more such announcements. GSMA announced some additional security measures it is taking for MWC 2020, but that did not prevent all of these companies to withdraw.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 was supposed to be one of the largest tradeshows in recent memory, but not… well, that won’t be the case. Quite a few huge companies have withdrawn from the show, and that is worrying.


It is also understandable, though. Companies have to think about their employees, and a threat from Coronavirus is real. GSMA’s security measures are quite considerable, but the best security measure is to stay away from the whole thing, and that is something that these companies are obviously aware of.

Just to be clear, there will be a ton of exhibitors left at MWC, even though quite a few major ones will not be there. MWC 2020 is still shaping up to be quite an interesting tradeshow, but not to the degree it was supposed to be.

You can still look forward to the announcements from Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO, for example. On top of that, Samsung will show off its new products that are set to launch later today.

Xiaomi has actually confirmed that it will be coming to MWC 2020, despite Coronavirus. The company is taking all the necessary precautions, though. As a reminder, Xiaomi is expected to announce its flagship smartphones on February 23, on a global scale. They will be initially announced in China on February 13, though.