New Patent Shows Huawei Smartphone With 8 Camera Sensors


A new Huawei patent has surfaced, and it shows a smartphone design with eight cameras. This patent has surfaced on CNIPA quite recently, and it comes with images.

If you take a look at the phone itself, you’ll notice that it has a flat display. Bezels around that display are visible, and the bottom bezel is clearly the thickest of them all.

Huawei patented a smartphone with 8 camera sensors; six on the back, two on the front

The device also includes a pill-shaped display camera hole. That hole is placed in the top-left corner of the phone’s display. The front side of this device looks like the upcoming Huawei P40, pretty much, but with thicker bezels, it seems.


On the right side of this smartphone, you’ll notice protruding volume rocker buttons. Those are physical buttons, of course. Below it sits a power / lock key, which doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

On the back, you’ll notice the other six cameras. Those cameras are included in a centered camera module which is not that large, actually. This camera module is considerably smaller than the one on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, for example, despite the fact it hosts more cameras.

The top four cameras seem to incorporate larger sensors than the bottom two. There is also some sort of a sensor below all those cameras. That may be an LED flash, even though it doesn’t exactly look like it.


The camera module on the back of this phone does protrude a bit, and it seems like the phone has been envisioned to incorporate both metal and glass into its build.

Considering this is just a concept design, no specifications have been shared, or anything of the sort. This phone may or may not become a reality down the line. It’s even possible that Huawei will use that camera module on the back and incorporate it on some other device, we’ll see.

Huawei may announce a global variant of the Mate Xs on February 24

Speaking of Huawei, the company is hosting a press conference on February 24. Huawei will announce several new products during that press conference, probably including a global variant of the Mate Xs.


In addition to its new foldable smartphone, the company may announce new laptops, a smartwatch, and more. The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro will not become official during that event, though.

Huawei had confirmed a while back that its P40 flagships will launch at the end of March. The company is planning to host a separate press conference for those launches.

There you have it. If you’d like to take a closer look at this Huawei smartphone design patent which includes eight camera sensors, check out the gallery below.