How To Finish The Terminator Mission Pt. 2 In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Terminator Event Part 2

Editor's Note: Spoiler's ahead for the Terminator event mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Ubisoft has just launched the second part of the Terminator mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. If you haven't done the first mission yet, and would like some tips on how to finish it, you can check out our guide that covers part 1.

Furthermore, you'll need to actually finish the first part of the mission before you can unlock and move onto the second part.


If you're already done with part 1, the guide below will walk through the mission step by step. We'll also provide some helpful tips on how to make each step of the mission a little easier.

Of course these are just suggestions, and you can proceed with doing the mission how you like. Meaning you don't have to follow every single tip we lay out here.

The second Terminator mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint begins by talking to Rasa

The first thing you'll need to do to start this second part of the mission is talk to Rasa. After completing the first mission she hangs out in Erewhon, so you'll always find her there. If you aren't already at Erewhon from the last time you logged out, fast travel there and speak to her.

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She should have multiple conversations you can talk to her about. One will be the event mission while the others are the Interceptions, which have you just hunting down Terminators.

The mission you want is called Clear Sky, and will be labeled as an Event Mission. Select it to enter a cutscene with Rasa where she explains that she thinks she's found where the Terminator is located thanks to a sensor network that she set up capable of detecting time travel anomalies.

Go to the location she has marked on the map and connect the device she has given you to an antenna. It'll be located in the Mount Hodgson area of the map, which is also where Erewhon is.


You'll want to travel to Stag Ridge, which is the hill area just north of Erewhon. Fast travel back to Erewhon then walk out of the camp, take the helicopter and fly to Stag Ridge, then land somewhere nearby the quest marker.

Once you get to your location, climb the ladder on the antenna tower and hack the antenna. After you do this you'll get new information that leads to the next step in the mission.

Go to Smuggler Coves and investigate the electro-magnetic pattern

The next step is to head to Smuggler Coves and investigate the electro-magnetic pattern.


During the first task in the mission you shouldn't have had to engage in any combat or use up any resources. So you can simply hop back into the helicopter and fly to the new quest marker.

You're headed to a building called the Composite Factory that's just east of Old Distillery Lake, in the northeast part of Smuggler Coves.

When you get there, you'll immediately see that the guards of the factory are engaged in battle with multiple Terminators. After you discover this you'll need to head to the middle of the factory grounds (outside) to investigate the source of the signal.


At first it appears that the signal is outside. But it's actually underground in the smaller building across from the main factory building. If you get in close enough without being seen, you can use you drone to enter this building and fly it downstairs.

This will help you avoid the Terminators for now. And it'll advance the mission to the next step. Now that you know the source of the signal, you'll need to physically get inside. There are three Terminators you'll need to avoid.

Luckily only one of them moves around. From inside the factory, there is a small walkway that has walls on both sides of the path. These are just high enough to hide you if you crouch. Wait for the Terminator that patrols near here to walk away from you and face the lake.


Then, make your move to the middle. Wait here and until he moves back towards facing the main factory building, then back towards the lake again. His back will be to you, so you'll have time to move towards the smaller building you need to investigate and get inside.

Investigate the map and pinpoint the source of the signal

Once inside and downstairs, go the wall and investigate the map. Grab pictures of the intel by hitting the interact button.

As you go downstairs, you'll hear your character say the door you need to get into is locked. The signal is on the other side of this door. To get inside and further investigate, you have to open the airlock, and to do this you'll need to destroy the cooling system.


There are four parts of this you need to take out before you can get the door open. These should all be outside around the perimeters of the factory. The easiest way to get to these without having to engage too much is to draw the attention of one of the Terminators.

Once you engage, the others will eventually follow. You just have to bait them a little and then leave the factory grounds. Once you're far enough away, you can double back to the factory and destroy all the cooling system tanks without interruption.

I found it extremely easy to get all this done by leading the Terminators to a nearby grouping of enemies. Just get close enough to the group so that they don't see you but the Terminators follow. Then run away.

The Terminators will start attacking anything they see, leaving you to go back to the factory to find the cooling system tanks.

They'll be marked on the mini-map so they shouldn't be too hard to find. Once you've destroyed them, go back inside the smaller building to get through the airlock and find the source of the signal. Once the airlock is open, head down the long stairway to get to the source.

Reach the control room

Heading all the way down the long stairwell will lead you to the are with the control room.

It seems you've stumbled onto a manufacturing facility for the Terminators. As you head towards the control room, you'll encounter more enemies. There are three or four of them, so you'll need to fight them off to continue.

The best thing to do is to just run around the room in a circle until you take them all down. Taking cover and healing as you need to. There will be ammo and reserve healing syringes around the room as well, so as you run, look for these and grab them when you run low.

When you finally kill off all the Terminators, run to the back of this room and head though a few sets of doors. You'll eventually reach one that you need to interact with to open it. This will dump you into a cutscene, then immediately into another fight with a Terminator.

This will be stronger than the ones you've fought so far. So take precautions. Don't try to rush the fight. Take your time, run around and take cover often, and heal as needed. Take a few shots at the Terminator when you have the opportunity then put some more distance between you two.

Once you get him low enough, charge your armor buster shot if you have it. This will help in dealing a whole lot more damage in a single shot. Additional, weaker Terminators will also show up towards the end of the fight, so continue to run around and take cover to heal.

Keep making your rounds from end to end to avoid being too close to your enemies, and eventually you'll finish.

Escape the facility on time

After you defeat the Terminator, you'll need to escape the facility as it's going into overload and will explode. If you don't get out in time, you're killed in action and have to start this step over.

This might seem easy enough, as you just need to go back the way you came. Not so fast. There are multiple Terminators that will be waiting for you in the rooms you need to backtrack through.

Take your time and kill off the ones in your way. But don't try to kill all of them. That will just waste more time. You only have about three minutes to get out of the facility, and you have a bit of a run ahead of you to get all the way up the stairs that lead to ground level.

So only focus on the Terminators that are in your direct path and ignore the others. Once you finally get all the way to the top of the facility and are back at ground level, go to the control panel and hack the airlock. This will close the airlock doors again and lock the rest of the Terminators inside.

Speak to Rasa again

Your next step is to fast travel back to Erewhon and speak to Rasa again. Once you do it'll begin a short cutscene that ends the event mission. You've now complete the second part of the Terminator mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

This will also reward you with the MGL Terminator. A new high-end grande launcher that you can use to defeat Terminators in the Interceptions. Completing the event mission also opens up Warfares.

These are similar to the Interceptions, except you'll be hunting down and destroying some of the Terminators that escaped the factory before it was completely demolished.

These will reward with you even better materials than the Interceptions. You can then use these to upgrade the MGL Terminator and other weapons too.

Lastly, you now have more event rewards to collect. Though, you won't get all of them. To get more you will need to raise your event tier. You can do this by completing some of the Interceptions and Warfares.

Although the first and second parts of the Terminator event mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint are now over, you can still do the Interceptions and Warfares for useful items as mentioned above. These will reset daily for the duration of the live event, which ends on February 6.