HBO Is Coming To YouTube TV This Spring

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YouTube TV is finally adding support for one of the few premium networks it was missing, HBO. And it’ll be coming this Spring.

The streaming service made the announcement on Twitter, stating that the service will be available this Spring.

On top of that, there will be a bundle that brings HBO Max to YouTube TV as well. Which is WarnerMedia’s new streaming service that brings all of its content into one service. Basically taking HBO to the max.


HBO will be an extra charge

Like the other premium channels available on YouTube TV, HBO is going to be an extra charge. Likely priced at $15 per month, like it is virtually everywhere else.

Meaning it is not included in the $50 per month price of YouTube TV. That is not a big surprise, seeing as STARZ, SHOWTIME and a few other premium channels that are available on YouTube TV are not included in that price.

But, by subscribing to HBO through YouTube TV, you get an easy way to share it all with the family, and the unlimited DVR still works. So you can record a ton of shows and movies before they leave HBO. On top of that, it’s a nice central place for everything that you are subscribed to, making it easier to pause or cancel them when you want.


HBO Max will also be bundled

There’s very little information available about this right now, but HBO Max will be available as a bundle with YouTube TV.

Now given the fact that AT&T really wants to get a lot of people signed up for HBO Max, it’s likely that it could do a discounted price for YouTube TV, or just include it for free for the first few months (or even a year). This would get a lot of people interested and checking out the service. And possibly hooked, so they do end up subscribing. Which is what AT&T wants anyways.

HBO Max isn’t going to be available until May, so there’s still plenty of time for YouTube TV and HBO Max to answer these questions. But it is definitely an exciting time to be a YouTube TV subscriber. It was already a really great streaming TV platform and now it’s just gotten even better. It’s still missing some channels, like the Viacom channels, but for the most part they are all available on YouTube TV and the unlimited cloud DVR is really good.