Google Starts Soft Release Of 4K Gaming For Stadia In Chrome

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Google has apparently started a soft release for 4K gaming with Stadia when playing in Chrome.

Last Friday the official Stadia Twitter account confirmed that 4K gaming in Chrome has started to roll out to users as a “soft release.”

It was further noted that 4K in Chrome would continue to roll out over the span of the next few months. That part in particular isn’t a surprise. Google touched on the arrival of Chrome’s capabilities to display games in 4K in its Community post from last month on January 16.


Titled, “Stadia in the New Year,” it listed 4K gaming support on the web as one of the things to look out for. The unknown at the time was when it would actually start. That time is now, it would seem.

Google hasn’t set an exact date for 4K Stadia gaming in Chrome

What Google wants to seemingly make clear is that 4K gaming on the web has not officially rolled out yet.

Though in the tweet below it mentions that 4K in Chrome was a soft release, further down that tweet thread it reiterates to a different user that it will start to roll it out over the next months. Echoing the details from last month’s post.


Since the availability of this feature is a soft release, that means it’s in testing and likely not a lot of Pro members have access to it. Although Google hasn’t started an official rollout yet, soft release testing does suggest it’s coming soon.

4K is still only officially supported on Chromecast Ultra

It’s likely no shock to anyone that purchased one of the Stadia bundles that 4K is still only available through Chromecast Ultra.

Many users have been requesting for it to come to the web though. Of the users on the platform, a fair number of them seem to play games through Chromebooks and other laptops. Which means they’re playing through Chrome.


This is limiting those users to 1080P only. Also worth point out is that not many laptops actually come with 4K displays. So the only ones that are truly missing out at this point are those that have machines with 4K displays.