Google Has A New Jacquard Product In The Works With Adidas & EA

Adidas Jacquard

Adidas just tweeted out a teaser for a new Jacquard product that it’s working on with Google and EA Sports.

In the tweet it uses hashtags for ATAP (the division of Google that handles the Jacquard development), EA, and FIFA, the popular sports game title from EA for multiple platforms.

The tweet also includes a GIF image that tells you to “play connected” and then ends with branding for Adidas, Jacquard by Google, and EA FIFA MOBILE.


The product clearly ties into EA’s popular game franchise. Likely for either FIFA 20 or an upcoming title in the series.

The Jacquard by Google product from Adidas could be a pair of shoes

Adidas makes all sorts of sports apparel but it might be most famous for the shoes it makes. So there’s a decent enough chance that what it’s working on with Google is a pair of shoes with Jacquard tech inside.

There’s just as decent of a chance that it’s some other type of apparel though. Like shorts or a jersey. Whatever the product is, it has Jacquard tech inside, which will connect to one of EA’s FIFA games in some way.


What for is anyone’s guess. The first couple of Jacquard products were made by Levi’s in partnership with Google. And their scope of features was limited to controlling a handful of functions on your Android smartphone, like skipping song tracks or to the next step in a set of guided directions.

How Adidas and friends are planning to tie this into a video game is still very much unclear. But the project is sure to capture the interest of loyal FIFA fans. As whatever it is seems likely to be a unique way to get people to stay interactive with a video game they love while still being physically active.

Adidas will reveal more information on March 10

In the tweet Adidas mentions that more information will be revealed on March 10. In fact there are multiple tweets stating the same thing that include the same GIF and hashtags. They come from Google’s ATAP page, and Ivan Poupyrev who is the lead of Google’s ATAP team.


None of them mention what will happen on March 10. It seems pretty obvious though that what’s being teased is the reveal of the product itself. Likely to be discussed at the same time is what the product will do and how it will connect to FIFA games.

There may even be mention of price and availability for it.