Google Duo For Web Will Soon Add Multitasking Calls


Google Duo app users take multitasking calls for granted. A new report says that Google Duo on the Web will soon allow multitasking calls as well.

Google Duo for web testing multitasking calls

A source familiar with Google's dealings says the company is testing multitasking calls in its Duo web app. Multitasking calls, what some label picture-in-picture multitasking, allows two people to talk on chat while doing other things in the background. It's a feature that many Android users take for granted in the Duo app as well as other chat apps.

The feature will work the same way on the Web as it does in-app. The experience should prove to be the same. There are no screenshots available at the moment, seeing that the feature is in testing and not an official release just yet.


Formidable Web: Why Google Duo for Web is testing multitasking calls

Some say that adding multitasking calls to the web app to equal Google's own app is, in and of itself, counter-productive. After all, companies produce apps and encourage mobile users to install them on their phones. The hope is that customers will use an app instead of typing in a URL to use a service.

And yet, Google's move to beef up its web app functionality is smart. The reason pertains to the number of sheer users who may not feel comfortable with downloading yet another app. Take someone whose storage is near-full on his or her smartphone.

Such an individual may choose not to use Duo if they can't access it on the Web with functionality on par with the Duo app.


Removing barriers for those without a phone number

Next, think about Google's recent work in Duo for Web. The company just recently removed the phone number requirement for Duo on the Web. The removal of the phone number is important. It suggests that Google still wants Android users to engage the app, even if they don't have a phone number.

A number of social apps like WhatsApp would do well to follow Google's lead. Believe it or not, someone could fall on hard times and no longer have the money to pay for a phone number with a wireless carrier. Why deny the economically-challenged the right to make calls and send messages on the Web?

With the removal of the phone number, those without one can use the Web app and still get the same functionality as they would in-app. Some hope Google will remove the phone number requirement for its own app one of these days.


Maintaining Battery Life

Battery life is another reason behind Google's increase in Duo's web app capabilities. Anyone who uses the Duo app will notice that it is high on battery consumption.

It is the best video chat app Google has ever created, but its high video resolution takes a toll on phone battery life. While the same is still true for Duo's web app, using Duo on the Web consumes less than Google's app does.

Web browser requirements

Google Duo for Web is testing the feature and will roll it out eventually. What some may not know, however, is that the feature is only available for Chrome (Google) and Edge (Microsoft) web browsers at this time.