Google Assistant Now Supports Tile Bluetooth Trackers


Google Assistant can do a great many things for you, and now you can add finding your keys using Tile to that list.

In an announcement today Google noted that Tile Bluetooth trackers can now integrate with Google Assistant. Simply ask Google to find your keys. Or your bag. Or anything else you may have stuck a Tile tracker to.

It's a simple new functionality of your Google Assistant. But one that is no doubt going to be very useful to many people. Because people lose stuff. All the time. And this is an easy way to find those things all without having to initiate the search physically with your phone.


Google Assistant can ring Tile inside and outside of the home

To be more specific, Google Assistant can find the tracker and whatever's attached to it whether it's inside the home or outside the home.

More often than not you might have just misplaced whatever you're looking for somewhere around the house. And if you ask Google to find it and the tracker is in the house, it'll tell you its last-known location.

If the tracker is somewhere else, somewhere that's outside the home, then Google will tell you the address of where it was last spotted. Nifty, right? Right. Now you don't have to go digging for your car keys or wallet every time you can't remember where you put them down.


Use it with the Assistant on your phone or a speaker

Naturally, this will work with Google Assistant from multiple devices. So you can ask Google from your phone to find your keys. Or you can ask Google from your Nest Hub Max.

Both will get the job done, hopefully, as long as your Tile tracker is still attached to whatever you lost.

There is a little bit of setup required though. You will need to go into the Google Home app and use Assistant to enable the Tile integration. From inside the app you need to tap the "add" button.


Then tap to setup a new device. The Tile option will be listed under the Works With Google section. So find this menu and enter it, then scroll to find the Tile option. Tap Tile and you'll be walked through a few steps and then you should be done.

Google Assistant can also ensure it's ringing the correct tracker by using voice match to identify the user who's speaking. The feature should already be available in the Google Home app to setup.