Gear4 Intros 7 Different Cases For The Galaxy S20 Series


Gear4 has just introduced its very own case lineup for the Galaxy S20 series. Gear4 has introduced seven different cases for all three Galaxy S20 smartphones.

The case that Gear4 especially highlighted is the Hackney case with integrated D3O 5G Signal Plus Technology. So this is essentially a 5G-optimized case, and as you all know, all three Galaxy S20 handsets support 5G. 4G variants are also available out there, outside of the US, though.

All Gear4 Galaxy S20 cases feature anti-microbial technology

All Gear4 cases feature new anti-microbial technology in order to rid you of bacteria. These cases also come in fully recyclable product packaging, and some reused and recycled material when it comes to the design of these cases.


The aforementioned Hackney 5G Case with D3O 5G Signal Plus Technology is priced at $49.99. This case, as well as all the other cases, are already available for purchase.

The most affordable Gear4 case for the Galaxy S20 series is called 'Wembley'. It comes with enhanced corner protection, and provides 10-foot drop protection. This case is priced at $29.99.

The Crystal Palace and Piccadilly cases are priced at $39.99 each. The Crystal Palace is an ultra-protective, transparent phone case. You can drop your phone from 13 feet without a problem with this case. This case also comes in dye-transfer resistance, and is available in clear or iridescent colors.


The Piccadilly case, on the other hand, can also handle drops from 13 feet. It also offers edge-to-edge protection, and features a color match bumper in black or blue colors.

The Holborn case is priced at $44.99. This case offers an 'enhanced 13-foot drop protection' for glass phones. It comes with D3O technology around the sides, and throughout the backplate of the case.

The Hackney 5G, Oxford Eco, and Battersea are the most expensive cases on offer

The Oxford Eco and Battersea are the most expensive Gear4 cases, alongside the Hackney 5G. These two cases are priced at $49.99, came as the Hackney 5G.


The Oxford Eco case comes with a folio design, and features card slots. It has an integrated stand, and 360-degree protection from up to 13-foot drops. It also has an eco-material screen cover.

The Battersea case is the most rugged of them all. This case can handle drops from 16 feet, while it has a soft-touch design.

All of these cases are available now from with a limited lifetime warranty. Some of these cases may be found at Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Xfinity Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Spectrum Mobile, and Target stores across the US.


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