Gameloft Launches Huge Dragon Mania Legends Update


Dragon Mania Legends is a game from Gameloft that lets you collect and raise dragons, while also fighting other players in PvP-based battles.

Gameloft just released a huge update for the game today making the available content even more expansive. There were already over 350 dragons in the game to collect prior to this update. So there will no doubt be a lot of content for players to go through now that the latest update is out.

In fact Gameloft says that this is one of the biggest updates that it has ever pushed out to this game.


The Ancient Metal Mega update is live in Dragon Mania Legends

Since the update went live earlier this morning all players of the game should have access to the new content within. Which includes new events that will be happening as well as new dragons to collect.

That being said there are only four of them. Which means you shouldn't have to grind too much to gather a ton of new dragons before the event is over.

Speaking of end dates, the events in which you acquire these new dragons will only go until March 29, so you'll need to get them before that date. The dragons you'll be trying to gather are called Ancient Metal Dragons, and can only be found by doing the Mega Events.


Gameloft says these are also the most powerful dragon type in the game. Specifically because they aren't weak to any of the other elements. That gives them a pretty big advantage. The Mega Events where you acquire the Ancient Metal Dragons don't start until March 2, so you have a few days to prepare.

Dragon Dice mode returns for a limited time

The update isn't just about acquiring some new, powerful dragons to collect. It also includes a limited time mode of gameplay.

Long-time players of Dragon Mania Legends may remember the Dragon Dice mode. It's returning specifically for this event so those who enjoyed it will get another crack at its rewards.


The mode also includes a brand-new storyline to follow so it won't be completely the same as last time. Which should make it more fun for players that have been around for a while. There's a new mode mechanic too called Dragon Bingo, which Gameloft says will add some more depth to the game.

Dragon Mania Legends is a free title that can be downloaded from Google Play. It includes ads and in-game purchases.