Galaxy Z Flip Gains Its First Software Update


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is getting its first software update, as we speak. That comes less than four days after the device was released officially.

This update isn't a big one, mostly a bug fixing update. But still impressive to see Samsung pushing out updates for the new device so quickly.

Software update brings "Single Take" mode for the camera

One of the features that Samsung was really touting on the Galaxy S20 series was, 'Single Take'. And it was a bit surprising to see that it was not available on the Galaxy Z Flip out of the box.


Well this update brings Single Take to the Galaxy Z Flip.

Essentially what Single Take is, is a mode for the camera that will do different shots at the same time. So you can choose the angle, or shot you like the best, and not worry about switching cameras, or missing the shot. In theory, it sounds really impressive. We'll have to wait a bit to see how good it will be in practice.

Another feature that is being brought over to the camera, is the ability to switch between the wide and ultrawide cameras on the Galaxy Z Flip by tapping on the outer display. Since that display is super tiny, there's no room for any real controls in the camera app. So being able to tap on the screen to switch, is very useful.


It's a big bug fixing update

This update is actually fairly large for a bug fixing update. It weighs in at about 211MB in size. That's fairly large, considering it's really only bringing one new feature to the phone. But it is possible that Single Take does use that much space.

Samsung is not saying which bugs were squashed in this update, just that stability was improved and plenty of bugs fixed. So the Galaxy Z Flip should run much smoother after this update is applied.

The Galaxy Z Flip update is starting to roll out to users around the world. It is likely that the update could take a few more days to hit all of the Galaxy Z Flip smartphones that are out there.


But you can still head to Settings, tap on About Phone, then check for System Updates, and try to pull down your update. Though that may also tell you that your phone is up to date, when we all know it is not.

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