Galaxy Z Flip Display Features A Shock Absorption Layer


According to a new report by SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a shock absorption layer on top of its display.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's second foldable smartphone, and the company's first foldable that features a glass display. Samsung utilizes a UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) display on this phone.

That display is a lot thinner than your regular display, 1/16th of its thickness, to be exact. You do not have direct contact with that display, however.


As you might have already heard, Samsung applied some sort of protection on top of it. That protective layer is made out of plastic, it seems, which is why it's really easy to scratch. According to Ice Universe, Samsung applied the so-called 'PET film' on top of the display.

A shock absorption layer is placed on top of the Galaxy Z Flip UTG display

Well, that's not the whole story, it seems. If SamMobile's report is to be believed, there is also a shock absorption layer between the Galaxy Z Flip display and that PET film.

This layer has been added to increase the display's durability, of course. It provides impact resistance, and it is even capable of suppressing some defects, such as cracks and bubbles, notes the source.


This makes the Galaxy Z Flip's display considerably more durable than the Galaxy Fold's. That, and the fact that Samsung used UTG display here, of course.

At this point in time, it's unrealistic to expect Gorilla Glass 6-level protection on foldable smartphones. That's simply not where the technology is at the moment.

Samsung, and other companies, will, without a doubt, continue working on improving foldables. Displays on foldables will get better protection with each new generation, almost certainly. At one point, we may even get the same level of protection we get on regular smartphones.


Foldable smartphones are brand new, and still in development

That moment may not be that close, though. You do have to remember that foldable smartphones are basically test devices at this point. They're extremely expensive because this is new tech that we're looking at.

You're paying a premium to get a completely new smartphone form factor, and experience that goes with it. If you are worried about the Galaxy Z Flip's display, well, you need to consider what you're getting here.

If you're expecting that display to be quite durable, with excellent scratch-resistance… well, you're deluding yourself. You'll get a display that is quite easy to scratch, so you'll have to be very careful while using it.