Galaxy S20 Supports Wireless Android Auto


The Samsung Galaxy S20 does indeed support wireless Android Auto.

What this means is that you're going to be able to get in the car and it will automatically connect to your car and put Android Auto up on the display. Instead of needing to connect it through a USB-C cable. Which is definitely more convenient for people that don't always want to plug their phone in when they get in the car for just a few minutes.

Wireless Android Auto isn't supported by most Android smartphones

As of right now, most Android smartphones do not support wireless Android Auto. So seeing the Galaxy S20 on the list is actually a big deal.


The reason for it is likely the power drain that wireless Android Auto would use. Because it is essentially projecting the screen onto the display in your vehicle. As well as playing music over Bluetooth and getting location from either your phone or the car (sometimes both). That's a pretty big power draw. And without plugging in your phone, it means that you're likely going to get to your destination with an almost dead smartphone.

Though, wireless Android Auto is very convenient to have. But, a lot of cars and after-market head units still don't support it. So even just having the Galaxy S20 support it isn't enough for you to be able to use it in your vehicle.

'Other Samsung Devices' Include Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip

Interestingly enough, on the Android Auto website, it lists "Other Samsung Devices" and in parenthesis states "inc. Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip". For wireless Android Auto support with Android 10 and later. So it could mean that there are other Samsung smartphones that will gain wireless Android Auto support in the near future. But as for now, it's just the newest Samsung smartphones.


But having support for Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip for wireless Android Auto is still a big deal. As this is the first foldable phone to support it. And given how popular the Galaxy S20 is going to be, it means that more users are going to be able to use wireless Android Auto. Of course, that is if their head unit or their vehicle supports it.

Still good news for potential Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip buyers. And it's good to see this news make its way out ahead of the pre-orders which start on Friday.