Save $150 On The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review AM AH 1 8

Amazon has the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ on sale right now for $150 off of its regular price. This brings the price of the Galaxy Note 10+ down to just $949. That’s actually the price of the smaller Galaxy Note 10. And it makes it a really great deal right now.

The Galaxy Note 10+ only came out in August, so it’s still fairly new, and is a really impressive smartphone. Picking it up for just $950 is an absolute steal, actually.

With the Galaxy Note 10+ you’re getting a large 6.8-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display, with the Snapdragon 855 chipset inside, 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage included. There is also a micro SD card slot available for expanding storage. This is actually smaller than the new Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it is also over $400 cheaper right now.


There is a pretty large 4300mAh capacity battery inside the Galaxy Note 10+, which should keep it running all day long, without needing to charge it. Though it does have faster charging, at 25W now with the included charger. It does support 45W charging, but you’ll need to buy that charger from Samsung. 25W is still very fast and will allow you to top off your phone pretty quickly.

Galaxy Note 10+ still has that S Pen which is really great for those that take a lot of notes or those that do a lot of drawing. It’s a really good feature to have.

This is still a very powerful smartphone and for just $949, it’s worth picking up. Amazon is selling the Galaxy Note 10+ as an unlocked smartphone. So it will work on all four major carriers. That includes AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Just pop in your SIM card and you’re good to go.

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You can pick up the Galaxy Note 10+ from Amazon today for just $949 by clicking here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - Amazon - $949