Galaxy Buds+ Multi-Device Connection Only Works On Galaxy Devices


One of the more nifty features on the Galaxy Buds+ from Samsung is the multi-device connection. It allows you a more or less seamless switch between devices.

More specifically if you have the earbuds connected to one phone, you can easily switch them over to another if it's already paired to the earbuds as well.

This feature though it seems will only work with Galaxy devices, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Flip. So if you have the earbuds but no Galaxy phone or other Galaxy tech at all, you can't use the feature.


The idea is that if you're using the earbuds on your tablet, or a different device for something like music or movies, you could easily switch them over to your paired phone if you happen to get a phone call. Sounds great right? It should be as long as you have the requirements met.

Galaxy Buds+ multi-connection requires Android 7.1.1 or later

Aside from needing two Galaxy devices, each device also has to be running at least Android 7.1.1.

That requirement isn't really hard to meet. As most devices these days are beyond that version of Android. Even if only slightly. You also need to have the Samsung SmartThings app installed on each device.


If you're unfamiliar with this application, it's the tool used for helping you interact with various Samsung smart home products. Such as light bulbs, and more.

Though these are easy requirements to meet, even if you have two Galaxy phones how often are you going to be switching between them?

It seems much more like a niche feature that was designed almost exclusively for people with a phone and a tablet. As one could make calls and the other couldn't but it could be for media or entertainment purposes.


You can still switch between devices by re-connecting

Just like with any other piece of Bluetooth audio equipment, you can still switch between any device that you like. You just can't use the multi-device feature to do it.

Instead, you'll need to disconnect the Galaxy Buds+ from the first device and re-connect it to the other. Whatever it may be. It's a little more tedious, but it still works and doesn't take that much extra time.

Still, if you purchased the Galaxy Buds+, or at the least set your sights on them, specifically for this feature then you'll unfortunately have to live without it. Perhaps some day in the future Samsung will enable the support with non-galaxy devices through an update.