Forza Street Is Coming To The Galaxy S20 Series


If you want further proof of Samsung's efforts to hone in on gamers, it's got a surprise for Forza Street fans who purchase the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, or Galaxy S20.

Forza Street will be launching for the Galaxy S20 series devices in partnership with Microsoft. That'll bring another major franchise title to Samsung's brand of Galaxy devices. Something which it did with Fortnite when it first launched for Android.

Samsung also announced a partnership with Discord last year with the Galaxy Note 10 release, highlighting that special Discord features and access would be available from right within the Game Launcher app.


Forza Street will launch on The Galaxy S20 this Spring

Samsung hasn't confirmed any specific dates yet. It's only confirmed that in partnership with Microsoft, Forza Street will be landing on Galaxy devices this Spring. That could mean anytime between March and June.

When it does arrive, it might also be available exclusively from the Galaxy Store for a time. The game is coming to Android according to the official website, but the Google Play pre-registration page doesn't allow US users to sign up.

More than likely Samsung's access is a timed exclusive, as was Fortnite before it was made available to download via Epic's own website.


There's also no guarantee that Forza Street will come to any other Android devices besides newer ones in the Galaxy lineup.

Forza Street is the first console game from the Microsoft partnership

Microsoft and Samsung struck a partnership last year around the time of the Galaxy Note 10 announcement. At the time it was speculated that there might be some games releasing alongside the device. As we heard from an inside source that there would be Xbox games coming to Galaxy devices.

Forza Street will be the first Xbox game to come out of that partnership when it launches on the Galaxy Store later this year.


And if it does well, there will likely be others in the works too. Especially considering Microsoft's partnership with Samsung is a multi-year deal.

The question for Xbox fans who may also be looking at a Galaxy S20 is what other games could Microsoft bring over? The company's biggest franchises are arguably Halo and Gears of War, both shooters, as well as Forza. All three of which have been around for more than a decade at this point.

Samsung hasn't mentioned whether or not Forza Street would be a free game or come at a premium price. Either way, it seems like an exciting add to entice gamers over from brands like Razer and ASUS, who have typically provided the best gaming experience on mobile thus far.