First Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Update Improves Its Camera

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The very first update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is here, and it brings camera improvements. This update brings improvements for the phone’s autofocus, which seems to be its weak point at the moment.

The device has a great camera setup, and the images that we’ve been able to capture are great. It did show some autofocus pulsing, which made it difficult to focus at times.

The first Galaxy S20 Ultra update improves camera autofocus

Well, those issues should be gone once this update lands. The update focuses mainly on those autofocus issues, but it also brings a new security patch to the device, Android security patch for March 2020.


The firmware version of this update is ‘G988NKSU1ATBR’, and it is currently rolling out in Korea. It is expected to make its way to other regions soon, as well, hopefully in the coming days.

Ice Universe, a well-known tipster, claims that this Galaxy S20 Ultra camera update did improve autofocusing on the device, as promised. That was the main issue with the Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras, one complaint that we had.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with four cameras on the back, including a huge 108-megapixel sensor. Periscope camera setup for crazy zoom capabilities is also a part of the package.


Those cameras are capable of capturing some truly stunning images. That goes for all scenarios, basically. The phone does a great job during the day, but the same goes for nighttime shots as well.

The company actually improved its camera offerings on smartphones quite a bit. The whole Galaxy S20 series of smartphones is a considerable improvement over the Galaxy S10 series, and the Note 10 series.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most powerful handset in the series

The Galaxy S20 Ultra offers the most in the camera department, but the Galaxy S20 and S20+ are not exactly far behind. They do have different camera setups, but the results are almost as good.


These three devices, and especially the Galaxy S20 Ultra, have pushed Samsung back to the top as far as cameras are concerned. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is probably amongst the top three best camera smartphones at the moment.

We’re currently reviewing the device, and our review should be live soon. Thus far, the phone has impressed in many areas, and we’ve put a huge focus on its cameras.

That being said, this update should arrive to your phone soon, even though Samsung did not share any information regarding its availability to phones outside of Korea. Considering the benefit it brings, we’re expecting it to arrive soon.


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