Galaxy Note 20 Design Envisioned In Concept Renders

Galaxy Note 20 concept Waqar Khan image 1

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series got announced about a week ago, and some people are already looking forward to the Galaxy Note 20. One of them is Waqar Khan, a well-known concept creator. He has envisioned the Galaxy Note 20 design in concept renders, as he partnered up with WindowsUnited.

These renders have been published in both picture and video formats. Waqar Khan has published a 2-minute long video on YouTube, in which you can see his latest creation.

This Galaxy Note 20 concept is a cross between the Galaxy S20 & Note 10

This Galaxy Note 20 concept design is based on the design of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20. Both of those designs have been taken into consideration by the designer.


The Galaxy Note 20 leaks still haven’t started popping up, it’s still way too early. It’s possible that Mr. Khan is onto something here, though. The Galaxy Note 20 may look like a cross between the Galaxy Note 10 and S20. It will not look identical to this concept, though, of course.

The designer envisioned three Galaxy Note 20 smartphones, in fact. The Galaxy Note 20, Note 20+, and Note 20 Ultra This is obviously modeled after the Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung introduced two Galaxy Note 10 handsets last year, though, so it’s possible it’ll do the same this year. In any case, the Galaxy Note 20 smartphone concepts look quite similar to the Galaxy S20 from the back.


The camera modules are what differentiates them, along with their size. The corners of these phones are much sharper than those on the Galaxy S20 smartphones. That part of the design comes from the Galaxy Note 10 series.

You can also see that each of these phones has an S Pen stylus, of course. The back side of the Galaxy Note 20 smartphones is curved, as is the front.

The designer has envisioned glass backs on all three phones, and really thin bezels. You’ll also notice a centered display camera hole on each of these phones.


The designer showed us a number of color variants

As you can see, the source shared quite a few color variants of these three phones. The Galaxy Note 20 is presented in black, light blue, and pink colors. The Galaxy Note 20+ is shown in black, gray, blue, and red colors. The Note 20 Ultra comes in black and gray options.

The Galaxy Note 20 series will probably arrive in August. All Galaxy Note 20 handsets will be fueled by the Snapdragon 865 in the US and China, while the Exynos 990 will fuel them in India and Europe.

The Galaxy Note 20 series will pack in top-of-the-line specifications, and some improvements over the Galaxy S20 series, for sure. If you’re interested in checking out these concept designs, check out the video and images down below.