Epic Privacy Browser Lands On The Play Store With Free VPN & More


A company called ‘Hidden Reflex’ has released a new Internet browser for Android. That browser is called ‘Epic Privacy Browser’, and it’s available in the Play Store as we speak.

This browser, as its name says, comes with a huge focus on privacy. It is not the first browser with such a focus, but the developer claims that it’s one of the best in the market.

Epic has been available for Windows/OS X for quite some time now. It was the first browser for those platforms to incorporate built-in browser VPN, cryptomining blocking, fingerprint protection, and several other features, at least according to the developer.


Epic Privacy Browser is built on Chromium, and it comes with a ton of features

The company has packed most of the features from its desktop client to this application. Epic Privacy Browser is built on Chromium, and it comes with an always-on private browsing mode.

This browser will not remember your browsing history as a result. It is also extremely easy to clear out data and close all of your tabs in the Epic Privacy Browser’s UI.

This browser comes with fingerprint protection, while it can blocking ads, cryptomining, and trackers (AdBlock is baked in). It also comes with an eight-country encrypted proxy.


A reader / text mode is built in this browser as well, while the browser has an encrypted file vault as well. The Epic Privacy Browser presents the world’s first ‘audio queue’ in a mobile browser. That means that you can add webpages to be read to you via Android’s text-to-speech if you want.

Granular, site-based privacy controls are included

This app offers granular, site-based privacy settings controls. By doing that, it allows you to fine-tune what you want each site to have access to.

Bookmarks are supported by this browser, of course, while the app also offers a password-saving option. Believe it or not, this app also has a built-in video downloader. Do note that YouTube is not supported, though, due to Google’s policies.


Those are some of the main features that this application has to offer. When you install it, you will be able to find some additional options in there.

Epic Privacy Browser is a brand new addition to the Play Store, and it currently has 51 reviews. It seems like many people liked the app, as it is currently holding a 4.7-star rating in the Play Store.

This app is free to download, and it does not come with ads. If you’re interested in checking it out, hit the button down below. You can also check out some official images in the gallery provided below.


Epic Privacy Browser (Play Store)