Enabling WhatsApp's Dark Mode On Android Phones

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One of the most demanded features in recent times in WhatsApp is the dark mode, which in late January reached the test version of the “app” for Android, but it seems that gradually has begun to spread to other users. It has not yet reached the iOS operating system but, based on what has happened before, it will most likely arrive soon.

This is a feature designed to make it easier to read, by reducing contrast, and to offer lower power consumption. Some users with version 2.20.33 of the final version of the “app” have started to see a new option in the “Settings” that allows you to select the dark mode.

Steps to follow:
1. Entering the chat settings you have to go to “Topics”.
2. When you click on the themes, three options appear from which you can choose: “Default by the system”, “Light”, “Dark”.


This is “Themes”, and can be found within the “Chats” configuration, just above “Background”. When you click on a topic, you will see three options to choose from: “System Default”, “Light”, “Dark”. If you choose “Dark”, the interface will be in a dark, gray color palette. This change not only affects the background, but also the conversation snack and the typography.

In the case of the iPhone, it seems that it is still time to wait a little. At the beginning of February, the specialist media WABetaInfo reported that the dark mode had begun to reach a small group of participants in the trial version.

WhatsApp: What’s New in 2020

Casino Pilot has collected the most important new features of WhatsApp for 2020. WhatsApp, like the other proprietary platforms on Facebook, doesn’t stop. Over the next few months, new features aimed at improving the user experience are expected to arrive at the messaging application. Some are about to land in widespread use, such as the dark mode, while others, it seems, will wait for something else. Let’s go over the most interesting ones.


Dark mode
After many months of speculating about its arrival, the dark mode, which was released on Instagram a few months ago, is getting closer to becoming the messaging “app” for all Android devices. At the moment it is in a beta phase, specifically in 2.20.13. Being a trial version, it is only available to a few, although any user can access it by becoming a “betatester”. Non-beta users can obtain version 2.20.13 through APK Mirror, according to Android Police media.

Animated Stickers
And if we say that the dark mode is in beta phase, the same goes for the animated stickers. There is speculation about their release since last spring, however, it seems that development is coming to an end, and therefore, functionality will come in the short term. WABetaInfo has found it in a beta phase for Android.

Self-destruct of messages
Another major development that will come to fruition sooner rather than later. Message self-destruction is a feature that WhatsApp would take over from Snapchat, one of the most revolutionary services of recent years that has, however, lost its influence in the face of the power of Facebook. Still in the testing phase, the service could incorporate a system to choose from an hour, a day, or a year before it is removed. It should be remembered that this novelty is designed for group messages, so it will not be available in individual chats.


Send money
Mark Zuckerberg announced a few days ago that the application will soon receive a feature that, like Bizum, will allow users to send money to their contacts. The name of the service will be WhatsApp Pay, and it is expected to be available in the next six months.

Check profiles by QR codes
Other measures that sound stronger have to do with the way users are verified, or rather added to. WhatsApp has been working to identify users through QR codes, something already present in other “sister” applications such as Facebook’s Instagram candy.