Dragon Quest Of The Stars Gets A Global Release On Android

Dragon Quest

There’s a new Dragon Quest game on mobile called Dragon Quest of The Stars, and it just received its global release. Having launched in the US and other countries just this morning.

Prior to today Dragon Quest of The Stars was only available in Japan. This is a JRPG game though not really in the traditional sense. At least not like all of the other Dragon Quest games that are available on Android.

Though this is a global release, Dragon Quest of The Stars isn’t yet playable. That’s because it’s having maintenance done right now and it won’t be over until later this evening.


Dragon Quest of The Stars global server maintenance ends at 7PM PST

Server maintenance is being done to make sure that everything runs smoothly for players. You can install the game right now, but it’s not currently playable.

If you launch the game you’ll be met with the maintenance notice that says it’ll be over at 2:00 UTC on February 25, which is around 7PM PST this evening here in the US.

You might wonder why Square Enix made the game available for download already if it wasn’t playable. That’s a good question, and it has a fairly simple answer.


Square Enix made the game available for download while maintenance was happening because this should ensure a smoother launch. It means the game likely won’t be bogged down with everyone trying to download it at the same time.

Since the game isn’t currently playable everyone can download it right now without any impact to the gameplay.

You can play with up to four players

One of the key feature of the game is a multiplayer mode that allows you to team up with others for adventures.


You can party with up to four other players for quests, take down bosses together, and even explore the planet from a bird’s eye view. Interestingly though the game’s description doesn’t mention anything about a single player mode.

Since this is a JRPG it would make sense for you to be able to play the game by yourself. And yet, it may not be possible. Then again it could be and Square Enix may have just chosen not to include this little detail.

Either way, the game seems like it could be highly engaging for Dragon Quest fans. It was also designed specifically for mobile devices so playing it shouldn’t be too difficult either.


If you want to check it out for yourself tonight once the maintenance is scheduled to end, you can grab it from the Google Play button below.