Crash Bandicoot Could Be Coming To Mobile Devices Soon

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot might just be coming to mobile devices in the near future. As a recent post on Twitter has revealed a handful of images for the potential game.

At the moment there doesn't seem to be an official name for it. It also appears to be developed and published by King. The same company behind massively popular games like Candy Crush Saga.

This shouldn't be too much of a surprise, as Activision owns King and Activision was the publisher of the recently released Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy that launched on PS4.


Activision also noted in its earnings call from last week that it would be focusing a lot more on making mobile games based on some of its popular franchises. Citing the success of Call of Duty Mobile as part of that decision.

So far there's no official announcement from King on its Twitter or other social channels. And there doesn't seem to be any confirmation on the game's release just yet, so there's no telling how far along the development may be.

The Crash Bandicoot mobile game will be an endless runner

Crash Bandicoot on phones might not be such a bad idea. That is if the game is staying more or less true to its roots and would engage both old and new fans alike.

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That and if it wasn't being put out by King, which a lot of people seem to be opposed to. As for the gameplay, it seems like it's going to be an endless runner. At least for the core part of the content.

In the included images that were discovered, one of them says that players will be able to "run, jump, and slide" which, is definitely something you do in the original games. The difference here is that this definitely appears to be an auto runner.

Whereas in the console games you can move the character freely, and there are bosses and such. Something which may or may not be present in this particular game.


There's a base building mechanic?

Crash as an auto runner/endless runner doesn't seem all that bad. It implements at least part of the gameplay mechanics of the console games.

There's also going to be a base building mechanic. Though to what extent players will be able to interact with this portion of the game is unclear. One of the images notes that you can build and grow your base though.

So there will probably be missions and other content for players to pick up and interact. And the bigger your base gets there will probably be more stuff to do.


If there are any endless runners that might capture core gamers from other platforms, it should be ones that feature iconic characters from games on those platforms. However that doesn't always do the trick.

Square Enix found that out when it released an endless runner based on the Final Fantasy VII highway chase years ago. Admittedly it was a pretty fun game, but many players didn't see it that way and ultimately it was pulled offline a year or two after only launching in Japan due to its lack of success.

There's nothing to suggest the same thing would happen here. And King does have a track record of releasing some extremely popular mobile games.


When and if this Crash Bandicoot game launches, it's likely going to be a free title though. With in-game micro transactions for moneitzation. Which is probably what some players aren't necessarily keen on, due to many free games feeling like cash grabs.