Check Out The Gold Version Of The New Motorola Razr


Motorola is bringing a gold version of the new Razr to market. Based on images shared by Evan Blass over on Twitter.

The phone will of course be the same as the already available model that comes in "Noir Black," at least that's the suspicion. The images were not accompanied by any sort of information.

So it's reasonable to assume for now that the device has nothing different about it other than the color itself. Of course there is a chance Motorola could charge more for the gold color. Even though the Noir Black model is already expensive at $1,500.


There's no mention of price for the gold Motorola Razr

The fact there's no mention of price leaves just a tiny bit of room for the possibility that it could cost more. However considering the phone already costs a lot it's also very possible it will just release at the same price as the one you can pre-order right now.

Phone manufacturers typically launch more than one color of a phone these days too without charging more for them. See Samsung, Huawei, and Google as examples.

That is, unless the gold color would come with different components that are more high-end. There's nothing to indicate that it does, but that would be one reason why it would have a higher price.


Gold is an iconic Razr color option

For those that have been around long enough to remember the original Razr in all its different hues, the gold version is an iconic one.

The gold Razr V3i was a model offered in partnership with Dolce & Gabbana, a popular high-end fashion brand. When it launched it was the talk of the town between everyone that had any interest in high fashion.

And it quickly became the must-have model of the already very popular mobile device. Perhaps due to its popularity among other colors, it was only a matter of time before Motorola decided to make a gold color option for the new Razr with the foldable display.


There could be other colors too

The Razr was a phone that went on to be offered in just about every color under the sun. Or so it seemed.

The standard silver was of course the first. It was later offered in black, gold, and variations of blue, red, purple, pink, and more. You were even able to find it in orange and green.

This doesn't mean Motorola has plans to launch the new Razr in this many colors. But it does open up the possibility that Motorola could have other colors in mind for this new model.


Especially if the company wants to continue playing the nostalgia card to drive sales of this device.