Block Out Noise & Talk To Google With The Marshall Monitor II ANC


Marshall has a new pair of headphones out called the Monitor II ANC, and they come powered by Google Assistant.

With these, you can talk to Google for any reasonĀ andĀ block out noise at the same time. Letting you more easily hear selectively. Whether you're trying to better hear the Google Assistant responses or just listen to your music without distractions, the Monitor II ANC should provide some fairly high-quality sound.

Marshall designed these headphones to have a mix between a sort of classic style with modern features. Bringing you the best of both worlds. But of course one of the headlining features is the easy access to Google Assistant.


The Monitor II ANC have a dedicated Google Assistant button

Google Assistant is normally best when it's completely hands-free, but sometimes it just as easy to have a dedicated button to access it.

With the Monitor II ANC you have that. Simply press the M button and hold it down to activate. Then ask Google anything you want. You can ask it to deliver directions so you get navigation on your commutes, or you can ask it to play your playlists or certain songs.

These aren't really new functions as other headphones offer them. That doesn't make them any less great to have on a new pair of headphones though. More Google Assistant integration means less time you have to spend looking at your device.


Which means you can focus more on the audio coming through the headphones and enjoy everything else. Think about wearing these out while you pick stuff up from the store. Instead of having to pull your phone out and look for stuff, you can just tap the M button and hold and ask Google instead. Keeping your hands free.

These deliver up to 30 hours of battery life

Wireless headphones sometimes have one big drawback, and that's battery life. Even some of the best headphones can sometimes feel like they could last just a little bit longer.

The Monitor II ANC have up to 30 hours of battery life in a single charge. So even if you listen to them all day every day, you still won't need to charge them until after two or three days. Worth noting is that the 30 hours is bumped up to 45 if you aren't using the ANC feature.


In addition to the long battery life these also offer easy access controls for other features. the Active Noise Cancellation has it's own dedicated button too just like Google Assistant.

And for really everything else there's a gold control knob on the side. This controls the functions for skipping tracks, pause/play, and volume. You can even control various phone functions with it. These charge via USB C so you can probably use just about any USB C cable to top these up. Marshall does include one though.

It even tosses in a canvas travel bag to store the headphones and adds in a 3.5mm audio cable for plugging these in when you don't want to waste battery life. These are already available to pick up and retail for $320 from the Marshall website.