Android Apps That Help To Simplify And Organize Your Life

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Smartphones have taken the world by storm, and most people nowadays reach for their phones to gather important information at the touch of their fingers. With your smartphone comes an array of quality Android apps that can make life easier and less frustrating. These apps are designed to both streamline and organize different things that you might do on a day-to-day basis. Many of these options are free to download, while some may require a subscription or one-time fee.

Finance and Budgeting

Let’s face it, it can be downright difficult to try to keep your finances budgeted with the old-fashioned paper-and-pen method. Rather than balance a checkbook and try to figure out how much you’re left with to put into savings, many Android apps allow you to budget what you make so that you’re able to start putting money away for the future. These programs are easy to use and can either be entered manually or connected directly to your online bank account and bill pay services. From there, you can receive alerts when a bill is going to be paid for you and when it’s time to save money. Some apps even put money automatically into a savings account for you, further simplifying the process. Some of the more popular budgeting options include EveryDollar, which is a free tracking service that allows you to take control of your budget and spending. Mint is another alternative that is specific to lumping all accounts together for easy budget viewing.

Loans and Credit Card Accounts

Both credit cards and loans are helpful when you need extra money for life’s expenses. When it comes to furthering education, students can seek the best student loans in order to ensure the most affordable payment options. For adults, taking out a credit card is a great way to have the extra money needed for different bills and unexpected emergencies. However, if you have several accounts open with multiple companies, it can be impossible to remember what needs to be paid when it’s due. This can cause you to become late on one or more payments, which can have an effect on your credit score. There are several apps available to help you organize your credit card and loan accounts as well as check your credit score without impacting it.


Scheduling and Alerts

Doctor’s appointments, school meetings, a conference with your boss and deadlines to meet. Your life is constantly busy and you rarely get a break from everything going on around you. Thankfully, many different Android apps allow you to schedule things easily while setting up alerts for when you need to be somewhere or do something. This way, you’ll never miss anything and you’ll always know where you need to be. TimeTune is one such option that enables you to optimize your time and productivity with helpful reminders and schedules. Google has its own clock and alarm system that you can customize to go off whenever it’s needed.

Mobile Banking

Many people still do their banking with brick-and-mortar companies and while this is fine, it is also important that you utilize mobile banking apps specific to making it easier to check balances on-the-go. Most banks and financial institutions have their own apps that you can download and connect to your own account. This allows you to check balances even when you’re away from a home computer, and you can even set up transfers to your savings account and to other banks. The vast majority of these programs are safe and secure, so you can feel confident in using them for your daily needs. Some of the more popular mobile banking options include Chime, Ally Bank and Varo, all of which allow you to set up a bank account through your phone or tablet Android device.