Android 11 Won't Kill Bluetooth If You Enable Airplane Mode While Listening To Audio


Android 11 Developer Preview 1 brought a lot of good news for users. The newest information that surfaced brings even more such news, as it seems like Android 11 doesn't disable Bluetooth if you enable Airplane mode while listening to audio.

This is not the case in Android 10. If you do enable Airplane mode, Bluetooth will be cut even if you do listen to audio at the moment.

Android 11 allows you to enable airplane mode without killing Bluetooth, if you listen to audio at the time

This feature is actually already live in Android 11 Developer Preview 1, you can enable airplane mode and see what happens with Bluetooth. This feature will almost certainly stick around for the stable build as well.


Now, in Android 10, you can listen to audio via Bluetooth even if Airplane mode is on. The thing is, you need to turn Bluetooth back on after enabling Airplane mode, and then start your listening session all over again.

This is not a ground-breaking feature Google has added, but it's definitely a useful one. Why would you spend extra time for enabling Bluetooth again when you don't have to. This way, it makes a lot more sense.

Do note that Bluetooth will be disabled if your audio session is not in effect, though. In other words, if your earbuds / headphones are not connected via Bluetooth at the time you enable Airplane mode, Bluetooth will be disabled.


An indication that this might happen was discovered last month by XDA Developers. An AOSP Gerrit entry was spotted, referencing a new 'context-aware Bluetooth airplane mode'. Well, that is now active in Android 11 Developer Preview 1.

It is unclear whether this feature will work with other devices connected via Bluetooth

At this point, it's unclear whether flipping the switch on Airplane mode will affect other devices connected via Bluetooth. The aforementioned commit specifically mentions that a media device must be connected via A2DP or the hearing aid profile. If that is the only exception, your fitness band, smartwatch, or whatever else you got hooked up, may be disabled.

Android 11 will also allow you to enable dark mode at certain times of day. Native screen recording will also be a part of the package, and the update will bring a new, dedicated 'Conversations' section to notifications.


Chat Bubbles will also be a part of the offering, mirroring Facebook's Chat Heads, but for all chat applications. Developers will need to allow for this to happen, though.

New privacy features will also be added, while you'll be able to have ongoing conversations via the notification shade. Android 11 will also allow you to send images via the notification shade, as part of those conversations.

A stable build of Android 11 is set to arrive in Q3 2020. Google is expected to release two more Developer Previews, and three betas before that happens.