A Couple Stadia Games Are Getting Events For Valentine's Day


Game events are some of the most fun things that can happen in ongoing games, and this week a couple of games on Stadia are getting access to these events.

The games in question are Destiny 2, and now Borderlands 3. Metro Exodus has new content as well albeit not an in-game event. Both the Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3 events will be centered around Valentine's Day, which of course is this Friday, February 14.

Metro Exodus on the other hand is not the kind of game you would do a Valentine's Day event for. And thus it's event will be just a little bit different as it's an expansion.


The Stadia game events begin with Destiny 2's 'Crimson Days'

The first event up is Crimson Days, a Valetine's Day-themed event in Destiny 2 that started with yesterday's reset of the game.

Now, when you login and fly into the tower you'll see rose petals everywhere and a flush of red and pink hues in parts of various decorations.

Crimson Days is mostly focused on the Crucible, and a new mode is made available for the duration of the event. Which lasts until next week's reset on Tuesday morning. You'll need to hop into a specially formulated 2v2 Crucible match with a partner and earn Confectionary Hearts.


With these you can buy various rewards like double sparrows that match up to make a heart when sitting next to each other, a special ghost skin, and even the legendary Crimson Days bow called The Vow. Which makes a return from last year. There are also bounties to complete that are part of the event, which is how you'll earn the most Confectionary Hearts.

Borderlands 3 celebrates with Broken Hearts Day starting Feb. 13

Broken Hearts Day

Developer Gearbox announced the upcoming Borderlands 3 event yesterday in a community love letter video.


The event will start tomorrow and there so far doesn't seem to be an end date to it. So it'll likely just be something you can engage with as you see fit.

Playing through this content will grant you access to special quests and gear, such as weapons, trinkets, skins for your characters and more.

In addition to Broken Hearts Day, there is another piece of content kicking off this Thursday. It's called Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. This is a campaign add-on, so you'll need to purchase it separately if you want to play it. Or if you have the season pass it's included for free.


Metro Exodus expansion Sam's Story is now available

If you're playing Metro Exodus and have made it through the main game already, load the game back up because you have new content to play through.

The new expansion called Sam's Story, is available now, and will set you back $17.99. The main game is the free title for this month for Pro members, so make sure to grab it if you haven't already.