7 Android App Trends for 2020

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Technology expands and evolves every day: the plethora of Android apps and facilities that we find in the palm of our hand on our smartphones look like things out of sci-fi movies and would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Transport apps, relationship apps, delivery apps, and robots that answer your questions seem unbelievable, but we use them all the time in our day-to-day lives.

Each year more Android apps are appearing and some trends in apps are already foreseen for 2020. Do you want to know which ones? Check it out below!Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are already part of our reality, but forecasts for 2020 indicate that these assistants will reach mass adoption in the coming years, both in apps and elsewhere virtually. Voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa will be further developed and some of them, in the coming years, will be able to make more complex decisions, as a human would.


Relationship Apps

They already exist in droves on the market, but the trend for the coming years is that these applications will become more and more accurate and have more complex tools to make combinations between users. An example of a relationship app of the future is the recently launched BMatch, which has a profile verification function with facial recognition: in this way, it avoids fake profiles and ensures more security for users. It also has the “Blind Match” function which, through a data crossing, selects a profile that matches your preferences registered in the app. After the match, initially the users’ profile picture is not visible, releasing the view only after a time of conversation.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a promise for 2020. It works on a device that is placed around the head and the display projects the content on the environment. The applications are arranged in the form of holograms, making it possible to interact “physically” with them. This technology will be one of the most applied in organization and gaming apps in the coming years.


Companies around the world are testing the customization of products and services through apps and gadgets. For example: e-commerces in Japan that send custom-made clothes to customers in just ten days with an app that allows you to take exact measurements of the customer.


Educational Apps

Today, educational apps have increasingly fallen in the taste of tech-savvy parents. Some projects that will come in 2020 are already beyond common applications, such as robots programmed via the app to accompany and help children in their school and personal development. Parents can control the content offered to their children by cell phone and view them through cameras available on the devices. You don’t want your children to buy USA Powerball tickets online.

Pet Cameras

Technology also helps “pet parents”. In addition to the already existing cameras that monitor the movement of pets, new features are emerging that allow owners to interact more with their animals. An example of this are smart cameras, controlled by app, that follow the animal’s steps around the house, release small snacks when the animal approaches and still allow owner-pet communication with speakers and microphone.

Smart Homes

Home automation or smart home use the Internet of Things in mobile controlled applications. As the Internet of Things is constantly evolving, in 2020 more advanced systems will emerge in smart homes, such as smart locks controlled by app, in which the user can give access to guests, remotely activate the closing or opening of the door and record opening hours. Entry and exit of people via the internet.