5 Android Apps Every Vape Lover Must Try


Vaping isn’t just a gimmick, it's an art, an escape, or simply just plain fun for people. Modern-day vaping has skyrocketed due to the advent of online social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. have all become the right stage for the presentation of various tips and tricks.

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Nearly every third youngster in a group of 5 either knows or wants to know about vaping. Now the question is, where will this troubled soul seek help from? A simple answer to that would be “just Google it,” but here’s the thing, Google does show you the closest answer to a question, but sometimes you need a lot more than that.


An alternative: Vaping Applications

Looking for answers can become a tiring ordeal as there are a ton of links and reviews telling anything about everything. Here’s where phone-based apps come to the rescue. For vaping experts and beginners, these apps can serve multiple purposes at the same time. From community-based connections to knowledge banks, apps can really make things a lot easier for people; one can also visit a puff bar to know more about vaping gear.

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For vapers seeking help regarding the different aspects of vaping and other members from the community, here are five vaping apps that can help you out.

  • E-Liquid Calculator

This application tells the user about how a good composition of liquid solution can be achieved for the best vaping experience. With a collection of a ton of exotic E-Liquid recipes to try out, the app also tells you the right amount of nicotine that should be consumed with every recipe you make. You can also try a bunch of your own creations by mixing the variables and checking them out by balancing them.

  • The Vape Tool

Building the right coil for the best vaping experience is nothing sort of awe in itself. Since the measurements and equations should be well balanced and finely tuned, it becomes necessary to have a tool that can help you with complex building mechanisms. Enter The Vape Tool, with its handy array of equations and technical support for building newer coils for vaping; users can learn a lot of new things by merely going through the interface at first glance.

  • The Vape Boss

This is a simple app for reaching out to others from the same community, i.e., the vaping community. A lot of people prefer sharing their vaping experiences, reviews, tricks, and much more with others to get a better insight. With this app, sharing pictures, videos, etc. can be done without any hassle. It is easy to download and can be found relatively easily on the App Store.

  • Vapour Suite

Another kitchen for making vaping juices, this app has a lot more features than the typical juice making apps out there. Equipped with a juice content calculator to accurately measure the right amount of components, Vapour Suite is just like a professional artist who knows how to do the job in the best manner possible.

  • Vaffle

This is yet another social app made for the lovers of vaping. You can maintain a diary about your latest exploits with vaping, share it among your friends, and get useful insight as well. Vaffle is just like the Instagram of vapers; people with the same creed can connect here and share their tricks and whatnot; it’s a fun app nonetheless.