Download YouTube TV For PlayStation 4 Right Now

YouTube TV App AH 13

Over the weekend, we heard that the YouTube TV app would be coming to the PlayStation 4 “soon”. Well, we didn’t know that “soon” meant in the next 48 hours. As YouTube TV has now launched the app for the PlayStation 4, and you can download it right here.

The app comes just in time for Sony to shut down PS Vue at the end of the month. And where Sony is promoting YouTube TV as an alternative to PS Vue, it only makes sense that there is now an app to watch it on your PS4.

PlayStation 4 is just the latest platform to get YouTube TV support.


YouTube TV is now available on even more TVs around the country

With the addition of the PS4 app, YouTube TV can now be played on even more TVs around the country. Considering there are a number of users that only have a PS4, and that’s how they watch Netflix, Hulu and whatever other streaming services they currently subscribe to, this is a big win for YouTube TV.

The streaming service has been launching on more platforms and adding more channels pretty consistently since the service launched a few years ago. Though, with the increase in channels, it also brought an increase in the monthly price. But it is still the best value available right now.

YouTube TV features are unmatched, still

YouTube TV is a favorite around here for a few reasons. One, the interface is actually very easy to use, and isn’t confusing at all. That’s a big deal actually. As some of these services have a very confusing interface.


Another big reason is that it is integrated with your Google account. Making sign in very simple.

But the biggest reason is that unlimited cloud DVR. With YouTube TV, you’re able to record everything, and we do mean everything, that airs on TV. YouTube TV keeps that content for nine months (and will re-record when it airs again, so depending on the show, it may never be erased from your account). Other services offer cloud DVR, but limit you to 20 hours, or even 50 hours. That’s not a whole lot of content. That’s only about 10 movies at most.

All of this, plus over 70 channels available on YouTube TV for just $49.99 per month. It’s cheaper than cable, and while it is missing some Viacom channels, it’s more than worth the price right now. And it’s likely that those channels will come in the near future.