Yes, The Destiny 2 Twitch Prime Loot Works With Stadia

Destiny 2 Twitch Loot

Twitch Prime has partnered up with Bungie to offer Destiny 2 players some free loot. You can pick up the first loot drop starting today, right now in fact, with more lot drops coming each month for the next six months.

In total that six months includes today’s accessible drop. So you will end up getting five more at one per month. These loot drops can be claimed on Stadia as well just like with the Borderlands 3 loot. So if that’s where you primarily play the game you can snag them for that platform if you prefer.

Twitch Prime loot for Destiny 2 can technically be transferred

You can claim the loot on Stadia. Or you can claim the loot on PS4, PC through Steam, or on Xbox One. You can even transfer the loot. Technically.


Thanks to the Cross Save feature that Bungie launched for the game back alongside Shadowkeep in October of last year. With Cross Save, as long as you link all your accounts together you can play your main account on any platform where you have the game.

This means no matter where you claim the Twitch Prime loot for Destiny 2, it’ll appear on those other platforms. You will not however get multiple drops for the same month. Meaning once you claim the loot it can’t be reclaimed.

All of the loot is from year one and year two

This is a nice perk for players. But all of the loot is older, coming from year one and year two of the game’s life cycle. So it’s especially nice for players on Stadia as some or many of them may be experiencing this game for the first time.


Which means they likely won’t have any of these items. All of the loot comes in the form of exotic engrams, too. So It’s more special loot than your standard gear.

This will include exotic ships, ghosts, weapons, emotes, and ornaments. And each loot drop will have something a little bit different.

All that being said, this might not be all that useful for anyone who has played the game non-stop since it launched a few years ago. You can still acquire these items as duplicates and break them down for materials, though, so even if you have the items in question you can still benefit from the free stuff.


To claim the loot drops you will need to first connect a Twitch Prime account with your Bungie account. From there, select the platform where you’re claiming and then it’ll appear for you in-game. You’ll need to go back to the Twitch Prime page each month following a new drop to claim the new loot as well.