Wemo Debuts The Stage, A Smart Switch With A Scene Remote


Wemo has announced new smart home tech at CES, including the Stage, a smart switch with a scene remote, and a new smart plug called the WiFi Smart Plug.

Both devices will be available a little bit later this year, and won't cost too much to pick up.

Wemo doesn't give exact dates though. It simply mentions that the Wemo Stage will arrive sometime this Summer. Meanwhile the WiFi Smart Plug will arrive sometime this Spring. So, both devices are at least a few months away.


The Wemo Stage smart switch will cost you $50

If you have your eye on this device you'll be able to grab it for $50 once it launches.

You should be able to find it on Amazon as well as in major retail stores that carry smart home tech. Wemo doesn't specifically mention any retailers though.

With the Stage, you can use it to adjust the lighting in your home via presets. There are six different scene presets in all, and you would configure everything through the Wemo Home app.


The remote also has long press and short press action for each of the three buttons on it. So to access the first two scenes, you use a long press or short press on the top button to switch between the two. The same thing goes for the other two buttons.

You can also pop the little remote out and use it as an actual remote. Because why get up and switch the lighting to a new scene manually when you don't have to?

That being said you can leave the remote in the wall plate if you prefer to use it like a regular smart switch. The remote also has long press and short press action for each of the three buttons on it.


The WiFi Smart Plug is smaller and works with Alexa

The WiFi Smart Plug is basically the Wemo Mini but in a tinier package. Wemo doesn't say how much smaller it is, but it is visibly smaller which means it'll take up less space in whatever outlet you plug it into.

Wemo WiFi Smart Plug

It also still works with Alexa so you can use it hands-free. Or if you prefer, you can use Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit too.


There's only one outlet on this plug, so if you want to control multiple devices you'll need more than one of these. They will cost $25 each.

There's a power button on the side for manual operation, but with the voice assistant support you can plug in non-smart products and use your voice to turn them on or off.