Wacom Announces 'One' Pen Tablet That's Compatible With Android

Wacom One

Wacom is a well-known brand in the graphic design and digital art industries, and it’s latest pen tablet, the ‘One,’ is compatible with Android devices.

Meaning you can use it in conjunction with your Android smartphone or tablet. Announced this week at CES 2020, it also works with Windows and MacOS PCs.

Making it compatible with Android though means you can use it a little easier on the go. This is especially true if you don’t have a laptop and rely on a desktop for your home or office PC needs.


The Wacom One with Android support will retail for $400

The One pen tablet from Wacom is already available to purchase. And you can pick it up from various retailers online or physical stores.

It retails officially for $400, and that’s the price you’ll pay if you pick it up at places like Best Buy. That might sound like a lot, and it is if you’re not highly invested in the industry this would be useful for. But, if you’re in school for graphic design or digital art, or if you work in the industry, $400 likely sounds a whole lot better.

That’s because this is Wacom’s least expensive tablet. And with its platform versatility you probably wouldn’t have need for a more expensive model.


You can also pick this up on Wacom’s own website, as well as Amazon. Though on Amazon it’s priced at $460, so you’re paying a premium compared to other outlets for some reason.

It may not work with all Android phones

Wacom says it works with Android. That being said, it doesn’t mention much about which devices specifically will have support.

That could pose an issue if you happen to have a phone or tablet that doesn’t have support. Which would be more of a headache then just using an Android tablet that has pen support.


The Wacom One comes with a 13-inch display though, and that’s more than likely going to be more comfortable to draw on. So finding out which devices have support and which ones don’t might be worth the extra effort.

The pen that comes with the One is also battery free. So at the very least you’ll have one thing you don’t have to worry about charging after use. The Wacom One is available in the US as well as Canada through the above-mentioned retailers.

Pricing for Canadian consumers will also likely be different from the $400 price point.