vivo Will Showcase Another APEX Concept Phone At MWC 2020


vivo will be making its way to Barcelona next month for MWC 2020, where they will showcase another APEX concept smartphone.

This makes it the third year that vivo has showcased an APEX concept phone at the event.

The information comes from a second press invite that was sent out over the weekend to members of the press. With the tagline “Empower the Next”.

vivo apex mwc 2020 invite
vivo MWC 2020 Press Conference Invite

vivo will be having its MWC 2020 press conference on February 23 at 5PM CEST, so it’s likely that is where we will learn more about the next APEX smartphone.

The vivo APEX concept phones have been major hits at MWC in recent years

While CES seems to be more of a concept show than a show with products we can buy this year, MWC does have its fair share of concepts too. Though the majority of them come from vivo.

In 2018, vivo showed up at Mobile World Congress with the APEX. It was the first, nearly bezel-less smartphone that we had seen. There were no notches anywhere on the device. It was the first smartphone to use a pop-up camera. Of course, that is starting to become the standard these days. Thanks to vivo’s sister companies, OPPO and OnePlus using them in mainstream devices.


Then in 2019, vivo arrive in Barcelona with the APEX 2019. It wasn’t as impressive as the previous APEX smartphone. But still pretty cool. It showed us how a under-display fingerprint sensor could recognize your finger anywhere on the display. Instead of just in a small spot at the bottom of the display.

The APEX series isn’t your typical concept phone. They are usually used to show off new innovations that trickle down to other phones in the coming months. So it’ll be interesting to see what we get next month from vivo.

So what does vivo have in store for the APEX 2020?

It’s tough to say right now, and the press invite doesn’t really show us anything, other than perhaps a camera. It is possible that vivo could show us some crazy zoom capabilities on the APEX 2020. OPPO has done some insane stuff with the Reno series in the past year, with 10x optical zoom in a camera. So it is possible.


And because it’s 2020, it’ll be a 5G smartphone too. Because why not.

Mobile World Congress officially gets under way on February 24, but as is the case with these trade shows, the majority of the press conferences are the day or two before. So vivo should be taking the wraps off of the APEX 2020 at its press conference on February 23. Where we are also expecting to see a folding phone, based on the more official (and not Chinese) invite that it sent out last month.