Verizon Is Giving Away Free Stadia Bundles To Fios Customers


Verizon is hopping on the bandwagon of partnering with Google for its Stadia service. The largest wireless carrier in the US is now the second major network to partner with Google and give away some freebies.

Earlier this week, BT which is a prominent network in the UK, announced that it would be offering free Stadia Premiere bundles to anyone that signed up for specific packages.

Now Verizon is doing the same thing but for here in the US. The deals are not yet available though, and will instead open up later this month.


Verizon Stadia promos begin on January 29

Starting next Wednesday, January 29, Verizon customers who sign up for a Fios package will be able to grab a free Stadia Premiere bundle to go along with the signup.

This will be open to both new and existing Verizon customers. So whether you already have other services with the company, or are brand-new to the network, you can take advantage.

You will however need to be on a specific package though. Verizon will only be offering this to customers who sign up for Fios Gigabit packages. Meaning you can't receive this freebie with lower speed offerings.


That being said there are multiple Fios Gigabit packages available. They start at $80 a month, so if you go with the starter price, then you'll be in. This will also save you $130, which is the cost of the Premiere bundle. As well as the $30 cost of the Stadia Pro monthly fee since you get the first three months of the service for free.

Here's what's included

If you sign up for a Fios Gigabit package to get the Stadia bundle, you'll get everything you need to start playing games right away.

For starters, the bundle comes with one controller, in White. It also comes with a Chromecast Ultra and the first three months of Stadia Pro for free. You even get access to a small collection of games at no additional cost.


You'll be able to grab Destiny 2: The Collection and a few other titles for literally no money right away. Not to mention you'll be prepared for whatever the free titles are in February. After that, you'll get the free titles in March and April too.

Since Google is often throwing out discounts for Pro members, some games that aren't free will also be purchasable for less than normal. Though these are also timed and the deals don't stick around forever. So you will want to snatch them up fast.