Under-Display Camera Is Far From Mass Production, Redmi's GM Says

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It seems like we won’t be seeing the under-display camera tech in smartphones anytime soon. Redmi’s GM, Lu Weibing, claims that under-display camera tech is far from mass production.

The under-display camera tech has been in development for quite some time now. Several companies already demoed their phones with under-display cameras, including both Xiaomi and OPPO.

Camera samples shared by people who got to use OPPO’s demo device were actually really good. We’d go as far as to say they were good enough for a consumer phone, as selfie cameras are not exactly supposed to be perfect.


Such news made a lot of people intrigued, as they expected this technology to come to smartphones soon, and kill both notches and display holes. Well, that may not happen as soon as we had hoped.

The under-display camera tech is far from mass production, it seems

Redmi’s GM, Lu Weibing, claims that under-display camera tech is far from mass production for a number of reasons which are connected to the same thing, pretty much. He follows Shen Yiren from OPPO, who said that it’s “unlikely” that the under-display camera will be included in the Find X2 flagship.

In any case, Mr. Weibing explained via Weibo why we won’t be seeing such tech in phones anytime soon. He says that Camera-Under-Panel (CUP) will not be mass-produced mainly because of the contradiction between the screen’s PPI and transmittance.


Mr. Weibing says that the current PPI on smartphones is around 400, not on every phone, of course, but he took it as an example. The light transmittance in a camera is very low, however.

Putting a camera lens under a screen with a PPI anywhere near that results in a somewhat distorted image. The PPI around the camera area is lowered and the transmittance is increased. There is a large gap between the PPI in the camera zone, and the PPI of the display. That results in color patches in the display area, Mr. Weibing claims.

So, as things stand right now, we may have to wait a while in order to see under-display cameras in smartphones. We don’t know how will companies get around this, but they’ll hopefully find a way, and soon.


Notches and display camera holes have overstayed their welcome at this point. We’re seeing more and more odd designs that are messing with the screen real estate.

HMD Global is allegedly testing this camera technology for the Nokia 9.2 PureView

In the latest piece of information, Nokiw anew actually said that HMD Global is testing under-display camera tech for the Nokia 9.2 PureView.

That device is expected to arrive later this year, but based on what Mr. Weibing said, such tech will not be included. We’ll see what will happen, though.