Ulefone Armor X6 Shines In Battery Endurance Test: Video


The Ulefone Armor X6 is one of the company's newest budget phones, and its battery endurance test just surfaced. The company decided to test the Armor X6 battery endurance and film the whole thing.

The video has been uploaded to YouTube, and is embedded below the article. This video has a duration of about a minute and a half, and it's all about the battery.

Just to be clear, this phone ships with a 4,000mAh battery. The device has a really power-efficient processor, and an HD display. A 4,000mAh battery is more than enough to handle most flagships these days, so it provides plenty of juice for the Armor X6… a budget handset.


The Ulefone Armor X6 did great in a battery endurance test

The first test Ulefone submitted the phone to, includes phone calls. After a half-hour phone call, the phone's battery dropped from 100-percent, to 98-percent.

For the next test, Ulefone fired up a music app. After half an hour of music listening, the phone's battery stood at 96-percent, dropping an additional 2-percent.

Watching a movie for half an hour pushed the battery down by an additional 3-percent, which means we're left with 93-percent at this point. The next step was to fire up a game.


Half an hour of gameplay consumed 4-percent of the battery, which means that the phone's battery level dropped to 89-percent. So, after two hours of constant use, the battery dropped only 11-percent.

Do note that the display was on the whole time. It was not turned off at all during this test, which means we're looking at 2 hours of screen-on time as well.

That's not a bad score at all. Ulefone just wanted to prove that you can use the Armor X6 for a full day without a problem, without the need to recharge. That goes for power users as well, it seems.


This is a rugged handset with a 5-inch HD display, and 3G support

The Armor X6 is a rugged smartphone. This device features a 5-inch HD display, and it is fueled by the MediaTek MT6580 64-bit quad-core processor.

The phone includes 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage. An 8-megapixel camera sits on its back, while a 5-megapixel unit is included on the phone's front side.

The phone supports face scanning, and it comes with two SIM card slots. It supports 3G connectivity, but not 4G or 5G. You can't really expect anything else at this price point. Speaking of which, the Armor X6 can be yours for $69.99. Hit the link below if you're interested.


Ulefone Armor X6 - $69.99 - AliExpress