Twitter DMs Are Adding A Popular Facebook Messenger Feature

twitter dms reaction

Twitter announced today that it is adding the ability to add emoji reactions to Direct Messages or DMs.

This is a pretty popular feature that Facebook Messenger has had for quite a few years now. Where now you can add an emoji reaction to the message that was sent to you.

Now, next to the message that is sent to you, you’ll see a heart with a plus sign in the lower right-hand corner. Just tap on that and you’ll be able to choose an emoji to add to “react” to that message.


It’s already available through Twitter’s apps

We’re already seeing it on the Twitter web app, as well as the Android app. So as long as you have updated the app in the past couple of days, you should see this feature available for you.

You will need to hover over the message to get the heart and plus sign icon to appear though. Similar to the three dots icon that appears next to it now.

This is good news for Twitter, especially after it had to rush out a quick fix for the update earlier this week on Android. Seeing as the app was crashing constantly for a good number of users.


Twitter is constantly adding new features to get you to stick around

Twitter is always adding new features to its platform, in a push to get you to stick around and use the platform more.

This is because Twitter isn’t really getting a lot of new users. So it’s growth isn’t as high as it used to be. But getting its existing users to spend more time on Twitter is definitely a good thing for Twitter. As it means more revenue, because it can show you more ads. Whether you are simply doing direct messages or just sending out tweets. It all means that users are spending more time on Twitter.

The platform has added quite a few new features in recent years, including some big features like Topics. Where you can follow specific topics, and get tweets from people you don’t follow. Like you can see tweets in your timeline about a specific sports team that you follow and so forth. That was also designed to get you to stay on Twitter longer.


As mentioned, everyone should have access to the new Twitter DMs reactions feature. If not, be sure that your Twitter app is up to date.