Totallee Now Has Ultra Thin Cases For The Galaxy S20 Series


The Samsung Galaxy S20 family of devices may not be out yet, but if you need cases for your phones then Totallee has you covered.

It's already got cases up for the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. All of the cases are the same cost regardless of model type too, so you won't pay more for the Ultra version than you will for the standard version.

All the cases also come in the same colors. So the options are basically the same. This includes a matte black, and a transparent color. Though, considering the recent leak of the colors for the Galaxy S20 family, you may want to pick the clear case if you get either the Blue or Pink phones.


Each of the Galaxy S20 cases from Totallee will cost $35

So what's Totallee asking for one of these Galaxy S20 cases? $35. Yep. For under $40 you can pick up an ultra thin case for Samsung's soon to be newest phone that should be releasing later in February.

Now, you might think that $35 is a lot for a case that's this thin. And you might think that it offers less protection than something beefy and bulky from Otterbox. And, it will offer less protection. But stronger cases typically cost upwards of $50.

And Totallee isn't trying to market this as a super strong case that will protect it from any drop you could imagine. It's designed to be thin. So that it fits easily in your pockets and still looks good without taking anything away from the beauty of the phone's design.


So in that respect the price of $35 seems to be right on par with what you can expect from most cases that are designed to be this way.

Most of the cases will ship on February 11

You can technically buy the cases right now. They're all up for pre-order on the Totallee website.

And it seems that all of them will ship on February 11. Save for one. The Matte Black case for the Galaxy S20. This is listed as shipping on February 25, so it'll be a little bit longer before it shows up at your door step.


That being said, February 25 could be the date that Samsung releases the phone for purchase outside of a pre-order. All of the cases will ship within one business day too.

So when they do begin shipping on their respective dates, customers shouldn't have to wait too long before they actually arrive.