TicPods 2 Fully Wireless Earbuds Come With Smaller Case, USB-C & More


Mobvoi has announced a new pair of fully wireless earphones at CES 2020. The company announced TicPods 2 earphones, which come with a smaller case, motion controls, and more.

We've seen quite a few fully wireless earbuds announced in the last year or so. Mobvoi's second-gen product will have plenty of competition in the market, that's for sure.

The TicPods 2 earbuds come in two variants

These earbuds come in two variants, a regular one, and the Pro one. Both variants look the same, and Mobvoi made quite a few improvements in the design department.


Both the charging case, and the earbuds are smaller than the original. That different is quite noticeable, and the TicPods 2 really do look quite sleek.

This charging case comes with USB-C charging, though only with an A-C cable, which is quite odd. This charging case is 30-percent smaller than the previous one, while it's thinner at the same time.

The TicPods 2 have thinner stems, and a smaller footprint. They're also shorter than the original. The 'Pro' model has two microphones, while 'only' one is included in the regular model. Those microphones are used for noise cancelation, and you'll need those, as these are open-air earbuds.


The company claims these earbuds can provide you with up to 4 hours of use, before you'll need to recharge them. The charging case provides an additional 23 hours of usage, though.

Mobvoi says that you can charge these earbuds for five minutes, and listen to music up to an hour. That's actually listed as a feature for the earbuds, and it's quite interesting.

The TicPods 2 support in-ear detection for pausing music, while touch controls are included as well. You can interact with these earbuds by touching the stem.


The 'Pro' model has several advantages

The TicPods 2 Pro variant has some advantages over the regular model. Aside from an additional microphone, these earbuds also include support for "Hey Tico" wake word. Using that word, you can trigger Google Assistant or Siri.

The 'Pro' model also has some quick commands, and 'TicMotion' gestures. You can use such gestures to reject calls by shaking your head, for example. You can also take advantage of aptX audio when you connect these earbuds to your smartphone, that goes for both variants.

The Mobvoi TicPods 2 and TicPods 2 Pro are already available for pre-order. They will go on sale starting on January 15, and will cost $99 and $139, respectively. You can get a 10-percent discount if you pre-order them, from both Amazon and Mobvoi.


Mobvoi TicPods 2 - $99 / $199 - Amazon